Thursday, February 14, 2013

SIC: What I've Been Spending $ On!

I haven't done a SIC 'Shopping in Control' update in a LONG time - mid October to be exact!

If you'd like to see my previous ones, you can check out the SIC Tab on my blog OR:

My friend Mary created a Makeup Spending Plan for 2013, and that reminded me to update my blog on purchases I've been making lately for this series.

In my prior  updates in the Fall, you can see I was very much dedicated to clothing, fashion, and shoes. I was constantly going to Goodwill for thrifted finds and looking online window shopping all the time. I would jump at the chance to buy something on sale.

A goal of mine for the year specifically clothing wise is to spend money on something I love and know I will wear, even if it's a little more expensive, rather than buying a bunch of things on sale. I purchased a sweater from River Island (Asos) in November, originally $60 (I got it for $42!) that I LOVE and I wear it all the time because I love it. So far this goal is going well for the few clothing pieces I have bought.

That brings me to what I've been spending the most on lately - Home Decor and Makeup!!

Since I purchased the Chevron blanket at Tjmaxx that you can see on the chair in my January Favorites, I have been obsessed with looking at home decor. I won't so much look online, but at tjmaxx, target, etc - now I will always go to the home decor section in a store before/INSTEAD of the clothing section.
And, I love that when I buy something for our room - I can look at it all the time rather than a piece of clothing I'll wear once every month.


I think Wheatenbeauty1 with all her Postman Cometh videos made me jump on the bandwagon to getting into pigments, as well as the Cream Shadows I tested out.
The other thing I've been spending money on is makeup, specifically pigments and shadows! I have been LOVING doing my eye makeup and experimenting (you can see some looks in my Eye Looks of the Week post). I've been ordering from a lot of indie companies a lot, but when I buy makeup - I will never buy more than 5/6 pigments at a time because I love to try the new shadows first rather than buy a TON at once. Lately I've purchased from The All Natural Face, Shiro Cosmetics, Pumpkin and Poppy, and Silk Naturals! I'm waiting for a shadow I got from Geek Chic (their collections have STICKERS!), Darling Girl Cosmetics samples, All Natural Face cream blushes and LOTS of things for a giveaway (shh!) and a larger Silk Naturals order with some lip products this time. My ANF cream blush collection is coming too!

What are your favorite shadows to use lately? And your favorite companies to buy pigments from?!
Please share!!


  1. I haven't bought makeup since December! That's crazy to me. I have bought two skin care items and one nail care item this year. I'm going to focus on getting myself some clothes, home improvement, as well as some things we've just been putting off getting. I also feel like this will give me a chance to use up some makeup instead of buying so much. I think my hubby is getting me some makeup for Valentine's Day, but I don't plan on buying more until I use up some things I want to get though.

    1. It seems like everyone is in the opposite boat as me - using up makeup rather than buying it!! I think using up makeup is a good idea though! It's a good feeling to use something up.

    2. I think we all go through different phases. I really need to decorate my house. I'm not very good at all that, but I have a guest bedroom that needs some sprucing up.

  2. I always head to a shop for clothing and get distracted in the home decor section :)

  3. I love the bamboo wall art. I have been spending on skin care/make up because I'm really working on getting natural products. I revamped home products several years ago, but was struggling to find good make up. Thankful I stumbled upon your channel. I want to get a good handle on quality products before my daughter hits the make up wearing stage.