Thursday, September 13, 2012

SIC: Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Buying!

Hi guys! I've been doing really well purchase-wise since my last "haul" and justification post. Up until yesterday I hadn't purchased ANYTHING for a whole week!! I bought some basics from H&M (2 dresses, bracelet, skirt) last Wednesday, and yesterday (Wednesday) - I purchased the Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer. I have been looking around for a brightening concealer for a LONG time - I love the RMS beauty concealer for everything but the fact that it could be lighter. Anyway, on to the questions.

What questions should you ask yourself BEFORE purchasing an item?

1. Do you LOVE it at first site? 
You'll know if you truly love it at first site. It should be a sign. You'll get that 'stop in your tracks' feeling where your heart stops and your brain thinks OMG HAVE TO HAVE IT. That happened with my denim/lace shirt from Forever21 2 weeks ago, and when my good friend Jen saw her new teal bag from Target (Her blog!)
If you get that feeling immediately when looking at it - chances are you may have to get it. BUT make sure to give it a good think if it's expensive AND ASK:

2. How many times will I wear/use this? Will I get my money's worth?
Yes - I had that LOVE feeling about my Rebecca Minkoff neon pink and brown bag I bought in the Spring. Even with the steep price, I only debated for about 4 days before buying it - and I've worn it ONCE. I'm ashamed to say it just doesn't go with anything in my closet :(  SO - unless the item is a basic (cami's, bandeaus, plain dresses/skirts - LOVE H&M for those. $5.95 skirts) - give it a good think. AND - if the price is high as well - will the price be justified by how many times you wear the item? My Adrina crocs are $40, which compared to some more expensive shoes, is cheap. But they are my go-to shoes and I know I'll get good use out of them.

3. Can you RETURN IT? 
I've been returning things quite a bit recently to try and get my money back for things I decide I don't really like for the money OR things that don't end up fitting. Unfortunately, some and a lot of stores ONLY do store credit - which sucks. F21 being one of them. Take that into consideration when buying something. For the concealer I bought last night, there was a seller on ebay selling the concealer for $20 but explicitly said "if you order the wrong shade, I won't accept a return" - so I sucked it up and ordered the concealer full price ($27) on the official Jane Iredale website. Their return policy is that they will switch out the color to match OR return your money if you don't like it.
--If you're stuck with it OR you're confident you might be able to make some money on it (more than you spent) - try ebay. I sold some Michael Kors wedges I didn't even know I had for $110. I also purchased some Silver/Clear Tory Burch Flats (picture is in my first SIC post) that didn't end up fitting. I made $30 selling them back on Ebay!

These are all the questions I have now! I'm sure I'll think of some more soon :)

Hope you guys enjoyed!!

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