Thursday, February 28, 2013

NATURAL BLOGS! (And some others)


             I was introduced to the wonderful community of natural bloggers sometime in early December by the wonderful Caitie. I love these girls and their blogs SO much. I love chatting with them (most, if not all, have twitters!) and they have introduced me to so many new products!

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*Blogs that recommend products similar to the products in my videos

(In no particular order) 
Britanie - Beautybybritanie (her youtube)
*Caitie - Naturalla Beauty
*Mary - Pure_Makeup (her youtube)
Hayley - The Flaxen Owl (her youtube)
Pemberley - Pemberley Jones 
Sarah - Sugarpuffish (her youtube)
Kimberly - Kimberly Loc
Heather - Beauty Au Natural
Vanessa - LonelyKiwee
Aaron (boyfriend!) - lifestyle, humor, movie reviews - ARK's Ramblings
Shoudra Stargleam - FOTD, Pumpkin and Poppy, etc - Starshine (her youtube)
Andrea - Reviews, gorgeous photos, more! - From Inside My Closet (her youtube)
Nancy - Makeup! Indie brands, tutorials, etc - Dark Side of Beauty
Phyrra -Makeup! Indie brands, mainstream, tutorials swatches galore - Phyrra


  1. I love Nancy and Phyrra. I also love posts like this so, I can find new blogs/channels to follow. Thank you again for mentioning me. You made my day =)

  2. Awesome! Excited to start looking through them.

  3. I love this post, it was so helpful! Sarah's blog was the first natural blog I ever discovered and I love it. I'll definitely check out the other blogs you mentioned. I've actually converted to natural and organic products recently so my blog has been focused on these types of products for the last two months :)

    Gem x

  4. Thanks for including my little corner on oils, Jesse!

  5. great post, it is always fun finding new blogs to check out.

  6. I have a natural blog, it's for beauty and other stuff too. I've been blogging about books forever, but only started my natural blog. Here's my link:

    Btw, you blog is great & i love your video. :)

  7. What a wonderful list! And thank you so much for including me :) There's a couple there that I don't recognise so will definitely be checking them out! <3

  8. Great post :) I've been looking for more green beauty bloggers to follow, so I now have lots of new ones to see! x