Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hi guys! I thought I would do a SIC post since I haven't posted an update in awhile!

This month so far I have come to the conclusion that I now am able to resist buying things online more than I am in-person at a store. When I'm at a store, I feel like it is the end-all-be-all and if I don't buy it then and there, I won't be able to get it ever again. A little dramatic, I know.

Lately with online window shopping, which I still do A TON, my pinterest board has really been helping me of course, but what I have been noticing this month is that if something doesn't almost "take my breathe away" (more drama, okay!), or it is too expensive (I'm REALLY trying to save), then I won't buy it. I'm trying to wear the clothes and shoes I have. Since I've been having bad pain in my arch, I've only been able to wear my sneakers and crocs, thus putting boot shopping to a halt for the time being.

There is a sweater I have been wanting for a while that is originally $61. Even with the sale price of $55, I haven't convinced myself to buy it. It's still in my cart and I go back almost every day to look at it - but considering $50 is half of $100 (duh!) it just feels like a lot for a sweater.

There are also shirts online that I REALLY like - but I'm just not willing to spend the money on them.

Overall - I think I'm FINALLY really understanding what it means to truly save my money for things I REALLY like. There is a scarf on etsy that "takes my breath away" that I DO think I'm going to buy, but I really do spend time thinking about my purchases online.

Now when good sales come around, that's a different story. I should be scared for my bank account on Black Friday.

Hope you all are doing well on your track if you are trying to save as well! :D