Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cream Shadow Showdown!

 This is the blog post to accompany my Cream Shadow Showdown video! I was inspired by my fellow natural bloggers to try some cream eyeshadows, and ever since I've started using them, I've done my eye makeup every day! 

For this video I focused on testing 3 different brands of natural and organic cream shadows:

*Swatches are at the bottom*

This was my first time testing out cream shadows of any type before, so I can't compare them to any non-natural drugstore ones.

With all of the shadows, I found they work better without a primer (All Natural Face 'Magic' eye primer), and better WITH a translucent powder (Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder) applied to the eyelids before applying the cream shadow. Some benefited from the powder more than others. The powder especially helped P&P and RMS beauty last, but didn't make much of a difference for the Zosimos formula. 

Full Size - $20
Sample - $5 (Used to be $3, they changed the prices :()
I absolutely LOVE that Zosimos offers smaller sizes of their products for $5 each (Used to be $3, they changed the prices :()! I loved being able to try a few things out without having to spend the full $20 to test the cream shadows. For this test,  I tried 'Fools Gold' and 'Daylily'. The cream shadow color selection is average - they have your basic colors and not many that stand out as being incredibly unique. But, they work wonderfully under other shadows!

The samples came in little jars that were barely enough to fit my finger (width is shown on the daylily sample), so I depotted them into a plastic clam. (Shipping/arrival took a decent amount of time - I think it was about 10 days that I received my order after placing it).

The pigmentation is great for these. I didn't care for the orange-tone that is Daylily, but I love Fools Gold. It applies evenly on the lid, isn't sticky, and the formula almost changes to a powder once applied to the lid.
These hardly crease AT ALL on me and creased the least (on me) out of all the ones I tried. The color lasted under another eyeshadow all day and there is no fading.

Would I repurchase? 
 YES. Lasting power is amazing and although the colors in the line are pretty basic, I think I would be able to get a ton of looks with them. Fools Gold is great for neutral and natural looks.

Organic Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil; Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Fractionated Coconut Oil); Organic Castor Oil; Mica; Wildcrafted Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax; Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil; Castor Wax; Tapioca Starch; Kaolin.

Full Size - $28
Sample (Spirit Beauty Lounge - 10 Deluxe samples for $25 free shipping)
I was sent samples of these to try out in 'Lunar' and 'Solar'. There are currently 5 shades available. I've heard such great things about these and was excited to try them in samples before buying the full sizes (if indeed I loved them that much). 

The first thing I noticed with these is that they are incredibly wet to the touch. When applied to the lid in various ways - with a primer, translucent powder, and to the plain lid - they apply unevenly on me and feel very thick. It only takes a little bit to cover the lid and these require a little more work for an even base.  

Using a translucent powder on the lid before applying helped with the staying powder - without it there was heavy creasing. Even with the powder underneath, there is a bit of creasing.
There was no fading through out the day under another eyeshadow.

Would I repurchase? 
 No - These didn't stand out to me and I was disappointed in the staying power especially for how expensive these are.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, cera alba (beeswax)*, simmondsia chinesis (jojoba) seed oil*, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter*, tocopherol (non-gmo), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract*. may contain + / - : titanium dioxide, ci 77891, iron oxides ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499.

Full Size: $8.00 
No Samples.
I purchased the full size of the shade 'Ice Dance' from Kristy's shop on Artfire from the collection inspired by 'Edward Scissorhands'. I absolutely LOVE my Lady of Light highlight from her and had been wanting to try the cream shadows for awhile, so the idea for this series pushed me to finally purchase one! At $8.00 for a full size, they are comparable to drugstore pricing! Kristy makes such unique shades for her cream shadows, based on movies that inspire her. All of her collections are so unique, and she and her husband design the artwork for all of them. The packing is so beautiful and chic too. 

The first thing I want to say about the cream shadow is that I am absolutely IN LOVE with the color of Ice Dance. Kristy created it for use as a brow-bone highlight and thus it is semi sheer, but regardless, it is without a doubt my favorite color of the ones I've tried - possibly my favorite color in an eyeshadow EVER. It is a shimmery pearl with blue, purple, and pink tones. Seriously, I'm obsessed. 

The texture in the compact is by far the driest of the 3 companies, but doesn't apply as dry as the Zosimos one does on the lid. Ice Dance applies evenly, but since it is a more sheer color - doesn't give a full coverage look. 

Kristy uses rice powder in a lot of her product so they will work for oily skin and eyelids. With a translucent powder underneath and a powder on top, creasing was reduced significantly. However, interestingly enough, what shadow I used on top depended on how much creasing I got. 

With a zuzu luxe pressed powder shadow, there was hardly any creasing. With a loose mineral pigment, there was a little more creasing, but I also noticed different amounts of creasing within different brands of mineral shadows. 

I tried using a translucent powder on top in hopes of keeping the color, but it totally mattified the shimmer. I'm so upset I can't wear it without another shadow on top because the color is out of this world. 

One thing I did notice is a little bit of color fading through out the day. I'm someone that doesn't like to touch up my makeup during the day, so I just leave it be!

Would I repurchase?
Yes! Kristy's colors are so unique and I am OBSESSED with the color of Ice Dance that a little creasing is worth it. 

(I typed them off the back of the compact because I couldn't find them on the listing)
Castor seed oil, caprylic/capris Triglyceride, Mica, hydrogenated jojoba oil, titanium dioxide, candelilla wax, sumac wax, jojoba seed pil, synthetic fluorophylogopite, arrowroot powder, magnesium myristrate, iron oxide, boron nitride, tin oxide, silica, ferric ferrocyanide, ultramarines 

Left to Right/Top to Bottom: Daylily, Solar, Lunar, Ice Dance, Fools Gold

Overall WINNERS:

Price: At $5 for a really decent sample for Zosioms and $8 for a full size from Pumpkin and Poppy - very affordable. RMS, not so much. 
Ingredients: RMS and Zosimos 
Unique Color: Ice Dance - Pumpkin and Poppy
Lasting Power: Zosimos

Want MORE cream shadow showdowns or showdowns in general? What natural cream shadows are you using? Let me know!

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  1. The oil absorbing mineral veil prom P&P won't mattify the shimmer in cream shadow.

    1. Ooo it's probably from the mica! I don't think I can justify just getting it just for my cream shadows since I don't use silica in my face products :/

    2. Bummer =/ Maybe you can ask for it for your birthday or valentine's day.

  2. I made ice dance more for a browbone highlight than a straight lid color, so the formula is thinner and more transparent than other colors. I may play with the formula a bit more on my new shades. My new taupe formula has a higher percentage of titanium dioxide so it set to a more cream to powder.

    1. Oh yea, I did know that! I'll edit that in :) None-the-less I still love it! I can't wait to try the taupe - it looks like such a beautiful color in the pic you posted on facebook!

  3. I love the Ice Dance shadow, too! Amazing colour and lovely packaging! On the same day it arrived, I ordered more P&P things. :)

    And yesterday I ordered two cream shadows from Zosimos, so I'm glad they are so good. :)

    1. Isn't it amazing?! haha what other items did you order the same day?! And I think you'll really like the Zosimos cream shadows :) Did you get to order before they raised the sample prices?

    2. I ordered cream eye-shadow in Unrequited, the Debonair cream eye-liner, a taupe eye-shadow, and the Lady of Light highlighter. :)
      No, I got them for $5, but I think it's still a good price. :)

  4. Awesome post! I totally agree with you on the RMS- I love the ingredients but the color's staying power isn't so great and it creases. I never tried to apply it with powder underneath though...I must try that! The Pumpkin and Poppy sound wonderful! I tend to use my cream shadows on the mornings when I'm in more of a rush and don't feel like using my brush and powder shadow...