Monday, August 26, 2013

Brija Cosmetics "You Saved Me" One Tree Hill Collection EYE looks!

The "You Saved Me" One Tree Hill collection features eight individual products; six eyeshadows, a highlighting powder/blush, and a lip tint. The collection retails for $41. 
Each eyeshadow is $5, the highlighting powder is $7, and the lip tint is $6.50

Purchase everything at (for cheaper!) or Brija's Etsy store!

Look 1:
Lid - Game
Outer corner - Unkindness of Ravens
Crease - Rivercourt
Inner corner - Whitelighter (Charmed Collection)
Lower lash line - Unkindness of Ravens

Look 2:
Inner 1/2 - Rivercourt
Outer 1/2 - Unkindness of Ravens
Inner corner - Whitelighter (Charmed Collection)
Lash line - Game
Inner lash line - Game
Outer lash line - Unkindness of Ravens

Look 3:
Lid - Comet
Outer corner - Game
(looks a little more yellow in this light than it is)
Crease - Unkindness of Ravens
Lower lash line - Rivercourt
Smudged on upper lash line - Manor (Charmed Collection)

Look 4:
Entire lid - Unkindness of Ravens
Inner 1/3 (over UOR): Rivercourt
Inner corner/inner 1/2 lash line - Comet
Outer lash line - Unkindness of Ravens
Waterline - Honeybee Gardens Blue Jeans
Winged Liner - Zuzu Luxe Tuareg liquid liner

Look 5:
Entire lid - Sawyer's Heart
Outer corner - Comet
Crease - Keith Scott
Above crease - Game
Lash line - Rivercourt
Outer 1/3 - Keith Scott

Look 6:
Lid - Game
Outer corner - Keith Scott
Crease - Keith Scott
Lash line - Unkindness of Ravens
Lash line - Rivercourt
Outer 1/3 lash line - Unkindness of Ravens
Inner corner - Sawyer's Heart

'Sunrise' Highlighting Power/Blush!

Brija's first lip color;
"Peyton" lip tint!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brija Cosmetics 'Charmed' Collection - 4 Eye Looks!

Charmed was my first official favorite TV show. I started watching it when I was young, probably nine or ten years old, and at the time I felt like slightly devious watching a show about witches and demons. I pretended to write spells and use the powers that sisters Phoebe, Prue, Piper, and Paige had. It's a show I'll continue to love as I grow older, and I thought it would be perfect as Brija's first collection. 

The collection features 6 shadows 

available separately for $5 
or all together for $27!

Find these at or Brija's Etsy Store (Currently 15% off with code 'SADFORSCHOOL)

A video on my youtube channel will be coming soon 
featuring one of these looks!

Look 1:
Lid - Freeze
Outer corner - Kit
Inner corner - Whitelighter
Inner lash line - Orb
Outer lash line - Manor
Liner - Pumpkin + Poppy 'Life on Mars' eyeliner 
from the Starman palette

Look 2:
 Lid - Kit
Outer corner - Manor
Crease - Whitelighter
Inner corner - Premonition
Inner lash line - Freeze
Outer lash line - Orb

Look 3:
Lid - Orb
Right above lash line - Premonition
Outer corner - Manor
Crease - Kit
Inner corner - Whitelighter
Inner lash line - Premonition
Outer lash line - Kit

Look 4:
Inner 1/3 - Whitelighter
2/3 - Freeze (when I do it again, 
I'll do Freeze by itself and not over Whitelighter)
Outer corner - Orb
Crease - Orb
Inner corner - Premonition
Lower lash line - Kit
Liner - Honeybee Gardens Blue Jeans

Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Nights of Eye Makeup on Macy!

I had such a great time on the cruise with my family, and my cousins even let me do their eye makeup! It was great practice for me ;P
We filmed a fun Outfit of the Night video and you can watch my cruise vlogs here!

I don't exactly remember every color I used, but if you want to know any, please ask!