Friday, September 12, 2014

My 'Simple Face' Makeup/Summer Favorites (Shadows/Liners)

Supplementing my video with a blog post so you can look at everything I mentioned directly from here!

My Simple Face Makeup =
1 LID COLOR (see below)
Liner (see below)

L to R: AKA, Safety Net, Psychosymatic Limp
Baker's Boy. Bottom = Reindeer

BRONZE/Your Confidence Color SHADES:
(Silk Naturals GWP's)

-Purchase on my Etsy or Site


Brija Cosmetics Lace Dresses with Darling Girl Cosmetics Nerpette for liner


Honorable Mentions in Face:
Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BLOG SALE! Natural Makeup/Skincare

Hi guys!
Getting rid of some stuff I never use. 

*Shipping is $3 US and $7 international.
*I will do combined shipping if you want more than one item. 
*Must have paypal. 
*Leave your email in the comments with what you're interested in!'

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Red Apple Lipstick 'The Lash Project' Mascara - Unused + Unopened - $25 SOLD

Acure Facial Serum (my mom tried it but isn't a huge fan of oils) -  $10
Acure Marula Oil (used few times) -  $10
Radical Resurface (new but no seal on end) - $10

W3ll People Stick Foundation in 'O' (used 2x) - $20
Pumpkin + Poppy Cosmetics Debutante Cream Blush (used <4 x="">$6
Physicians Formula Bronzer (used 1x) - $4
Devita Naturals Metro Neutrals Palette (used 3x) - $20

Geek Chic Limited Edition 3g Jar Tin 'The Game is On' (shadows used 1x) - SOLD

As a lot - $12
All Natural Face Really Pink Blush (used 1x) - $4
Silk Naturals Malibu Miss Bronzer (used 1x) - $5
Darling Girl Cosmetics Double Bubble, Whimsy, Silly Sea Lion MINI JARS 
(Used <3 x="">$1.50 each

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Eye Looks, Summer Photos, + New Vlog!

Hi guys! Just checking in with a few looks, some summer photos, and a new vlog.

Yesterday was also my last day at my summer internship. I interned at a Literary Agency on Mondays and Tuesdays in NYC this summer. Make sure to check out my internship videos; 

Also wanted to share that I have a new vlog up. It's basically just an update featuring some personal changes, my dog, an OOTD, and the food + makeup I'm packing for London where I'll be next week. Watch it HERE.

This is the makeup I wore today (also worn in today's vlog):
Necklace - H&M
Pumpkin + Poppy Divinely Happy Cream Shadow

Silk Naturals Changeling (inner lid)
Addictive Cosmetics Crocodile Tears (center lid)
Silk Naturals Aubergine (outer corner)
Silk Naturals Kismet (crease)
Silk Naturals Amethyst Cream Liner
Ardell Demi Wispies
(Lips - Brija Cosmetics Unfortunate Souls Lipstick, Pacifica Nudist Lipgloss

Aaron and I went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania last week. It was absolutely beautiful and we walked around for 3 hours. Yes, I wore some pretty zesty makeup too! It lasted all day.

Brija Cosmetics Mean One Cream Shadow
All Natural Face Superbly Sublime (center lid)
All Natural Face Ocean Green (sides)
Aromaleigh 'Psychosomatic Limp' (inner crease)
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Ardell Demi Wispies
(Lips - I THINK Pumpkin + Poppy Wildling Lipstick)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eye Looks #16 - 8 LOOKS!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last Eye Looks post. A few weeks ago my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my makeup photos, so I'm so thankful they're all up here.

** I've been wearing incredibly minimal makeup - you can see my Go-To Summer Look here - but I did play around with some color recently!

<---brija cosmetics="" lid="" reindeer="" span="">
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - Silk Naturals Clandestine + P&P Wildling)

Copper Pink
CCGRWM coming on this look!
Silk Naturals Reckless (lid)
Silk Naturals Scene Stealer (outer corner)
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - RAL Lovebird + Silk Naturals Lois)

Gray and Nekkid
Inspired by c4ta77ck on Instagram
Brija Cosmetics Sugar Cream Shadow
Silk Naturals Dove (lid)
Brija Cosmetics Consulting Detective (crease)
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Silk Naturals Nekkid (over 1/3 of the liner)
Silk Naturals Latent (brows)
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
Ardell Demi Wispies
(Lips - Red Apple Lipstick Oh My Guava)

Smokey Eye I Like!!
I never wear smokey eyes, but I LOVE how this one turned out.

Brija Cosmetics The Abbey (lid)
Brija Cosmetics King of Bones (outer corner/crease)
All Natural Face Superbly Sublime (inner corner)
Honeybee Gardens Belgian Chocolate Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
Red Cherry 415 lashes
(Lips - RMS Beauty Concealer 11, P&P Wildling Lipstick, 
Brija Cosmetics Nude Morning Gloss)

Duck Feathers
All Natural Face Primer Diva Stick
Glamour Doll Eyes Dirty Jeans (lid)
Pumpkin + Poppy Catelyn (outer corner)
All Natural Face Superbly Sublime (green)
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Liner
Ardell Demi Wispies


These last 3 are from about a month ago & I forgot to post them!
Pink + Yellow

Brija Cosmetics Sugar Cream Shadow
Pumpkin + Poppy Riviera
Silk Naturals Brandy
Silk Naturals Pink Lemonade
P&P Sad Diamonds
Geek Chic Cosmetics It Came from Dimension X
Honeybee Gardens Belgian Chocolate Liner
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mascara
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - Brija Cosmetics Peyton Lipstick, Silk Naturals Lois, Brija Cosmetics Nude Morning Gloss)

Copper Dove
-Traveling makeup
Silk Naturals Dove
Pumpkin + Poppy Lockbearer (liner)
Silk Natural Reckless (on top of liner)
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mascara
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - P&P Lockbearer)

Purple Metal
Brija Cosmetics Sugar Cream Shadow
Brija Cosmetics Keith Scott
Silk Naturals Motive
P&P Notre Dame
Darling Girl Cosmetics Silver Lining
My Beauty Addiction Milk Chocolate
Pumpkin + Poppy Oceanic Cream Liner
Wide Eyed Pencil Liner
Ardell Demi Wispies
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mascara
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - Red Apple Lipstick Oh My Guava, P&P Spring Haze Gloss)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All Natural Skincare Routine - SD in "Remission"

Today I finally have an updated skincare routine!! 

My skin is/as:
Seborrheic Dermatitis

For those of you that don't know, I developed Seborrheic Dermatitis in May of last year, was diagnosed in July, and went completely Gluten Free in September. I have added quite a few supplements to my routine - Caprylic Acid, Probiotics, Calcium, more recently Zinc - and they play a huge role in keeping my dermatitis under control. I have been gluten free since then, and noticed my skin getting better around December, and now, in May, it is completely back to my normal, soft skintone. If you want to see the very minimal super natural products I used when I had dermatitis (great for extra sensitive skin) here is my video

*I find my skincare routine is great for cell regeneration/fast turnover time. My Dr. Sponge, the LBF oil, raw shea butter, and tea tree and lavender all help to make active breakouts leave faster, and they all help with any hyper-pigmentation left over. 
But now since my face is back to normal, I've been loving using new products since I was deprived of that all last year! 

Read below for my routine! For now - the quick list + prices:

 Reusable cotton pads - $10/30
George's Aloe Spray - $5
One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum - $29
La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum - $125
One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum - $68
Goddess Garden Body Sunscreen - $15
Organic Jojoba Oil - $9
Nourish Organics Cleanser - $15
Dr. Sponge Charcoal - $8.50
Mychelle Harmony Cleanser - $10
Farm to Girl Raw Shea Butter - $8.95
Acure Eye Cream - $16-19
Andalou Chia Seed Scrub - $12
Devita Mud Mask - $18-24
Osmia Spot Treatment - $20
Oh Sudz Drying Treatment- $7.95
Organic Tea Tree/Lavender Oil - $8.59

In the morning, I wipe down my face with one of my reusable cotton pads sprayed with George's Aloe Spray. Then I apply some oil to lightly moisturize - I've been using my La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum lately. For sunscreen I've been using the Goddess Garden Body Sunscreen I got in my Vegan Cuts box. Then I follow with my One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum to prime my face - it makes an AMAZING makeup primer!

My nighttime routine is much more extensive. I take off my makeup with organic jojoba oil and one of my reusable cotton rounds. Then I will do a 2-step cleanse - first with a lathering cleanser, then with my cream cleanser. I'll either use some African Black Soap, or my Nourish Organics Cleanser (Review) if I'm in the shower. Then, I will put some of the Mychelle Harmony Cleanser on my Dr. Sponge Charcoal and cleanse with that for up to two minutes. I scrub my face every other day with my favorite Andalou Chia Seed Scrub, or if I want something a little more gentle (if I have a lot of active breakouts), then my Devita Gentle Aloe Scrub. (Review on both)

For a mask one or two times a week, I will use my Devita Cappuccino Mud Mask.

After I finish cleansing, I will spray with some George's Aloe and while my face is still almost dripping wet, I apply my La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum or the One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum. This ensures I use much less product than if my skin were dry, and applying an oil on damp skin allows the oil to lock in the moisture. After my face slightly dries, I will take a blueberry size amount of my Farm to Girl Raw Shea Butter, rub it between my hands until it melts, and press gently onto my face. 

I then apply my Acure Eye Cream that I've been using for about a month. It comes in a huge bottle, but you only need the tiniest amount. It is quite thin, so it applies easily without tugging. Overall I'm not a huge fan though.

To treat acne, I will always apply a mix of organic tea tree oil and lavender oil (I use the Desert Essence Mix) , and jojoba to my scars and active blemishes. Then, a few hours later, I will spot treat with my Oh Sudz Drying TreatmentOrganic Tea Tree/Lavender Oil, or the Osmia Spot Treatment, which I've recently been trying again.

Have you tried any of these products? Will you pick any up?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Favorites

Not very many favorites this month, but mostly all makeup! 
Watch me talk about them here.

 Carrots + Hummus!

Eye Looks #15

I started my internship this week and have been wearing pretty neutral makeup, so I thought I would go ahead and post this of looks from last week!

Mint Honey
(Literally what is this photo)
All Natural Face White Diva Stick
All Natural Face Mermaid Tail
Darling Girl Cosmetics Honey Pot
Darling Girl Cosmetics Hot Rocks
Silk Naturals Fire
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
Red Cherry 503 Lashes
(Lips - Zuzu Luxe Bounce Lipliner, RAL Oh My Guava)

Summer Peach
I love this look SO much. Feels so fresh and summery!
 Blurry photo, but I did my hair!
Brija Cosmetics Sugar Cream Shadow
Brija Cosmetics Allure
Brija Cosmetics Keith Scott
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - Zuzu Luxe Terra Cotta Lip Liner)

Purple Pop
Pumpkin + Poppy Divinely Happy Cream Shadow
Brija Cosmetics Lace Dresses (Coming soon)
Brija Cosmetics Comet
Brija Cosmetics Reindeer
Silk Naturals Parallel
Geek Chic Cosmetics As You Wish
Silk Naturals Espresso Liner
Zuzu Luxe Onyx Mascara
(Lips - Silk Naturals Bramble)

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