Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hipsy Headbands and LoveAdellaide Hair Scarf Ties

Today I have a hair accessories post for you guys! Kind of different from my usual posts, but I wanted to share some photos since I don't think I'll be doing a separate video on them. I did include them in my January Favorites video though (link to come).

Hipsy Headbands

I was contacted by Hipsy.com and given the chance to pick out some headbands from them. Hipsy has a large selection of headbands of all different widths and patterns. They retail for $15.95. You're probably thinking - WHAT?! A headband for $16?! (They're available for around $11 on Amazon). That's honestly what I thought at first. My cart total for 5 headbands was over $80. But, what makes these amazing is that they are adjustable at the back with an elastic puller, just like an adjustable strap would have. I've been wearing these almost every day since I've gotten mine. They are SO comfortable and aren't too tight on my head like other versions of this type of headband are on me. The gold one on the left and the black sparkle one are my most worn!

LoveAdellaide Hair Scarf Ties

The owner of one of my favorite jewelry companies Spiffing Jewelry  has worn versions of these hair ties in her Instagram photos, so I decided to go looking for some on Etsy. I've been intending to dye my hair burgundy and thought these would look adorable with that color hair. (More on that to come - the test strand of burgundy henna I did shocked me a bit!). I found LoveAdellaide on etsy and freaked at her low prices. A single is $3.95, and a set of 2 is $6.95. And, if you buy 2 or more listings - you can get 10% off with the love 'LOVEADDY'. The black and white houndstooth was on sale for $2.95! 

These are very thick - 3.5/4 inches wide and super long - 36-37 inches. To wear mine I fold them in half so the width is less. I knot it at the top of my head, but tuck the ends in because they are really long. These are definitely very 50's looking. I like to wear mine around the house but haven't worn them out yet. 

Hope this gave you guys some ideas if you're looking for some new hair accessories :D Which would you be more likely to purchase - headbands or hair ties?

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