Friday, September 7, 2012

SIC: Tips to Control Spending

Tips to Control Spending

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed my last Shopping In Control Post - Haul style. I thought I would include some tips as part of the SIC series for how to control spending and anything that pops into my head. Today I have 2 tips.

1. Start a word document at the 1st of the month to keep track of your spending. If you do online banking, check your statements every few days for the info. If not, keep receipts from where you shop. Include WHEN you bought the item, where from, what it was, and how much you were charged. Then, add up the numbers every so often. I'll add mine up every 4 transactions or after every week. I also recommend including what the total for the previous month's spending was in the corner as a reminder of how MUCH you spent and to not do it again, or how well you did and to stay on the same track!

2. I recently got into pinterest this summer and have made all sorts of fun boards. I recommend creating a board of things you want to buy. (My board is titled WANT). That way, when you look at the board, you'll realize just HOW MUCH you do want to buy and that you can't possibly buy it all. It'll put the items in perspective and you can decide what you really want most out of everything, or you might decide you don't really need to buy anything at all.
Here's my board if you want to check it out!!

Please share your board with me if you start one! 

And leave any of your controlled shopping tips below :P

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