Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Much Does My Face Cost?


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$6.50 - The All Natural Face Cream concealer/foundation pot in 'Porcelain Kissed By Honey':
$7.99 - Sobe Botanicals Foundation in 'Light'
$4 - Ayelet Naturals Brightening Eye Cream:
$5.00 - My Beauty Addiction mineral blush in Innocence
$12 - Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder:
$36 - RMS Beauty "Un-Cover" Concealer in 11
$5 - MBA Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Baby Soft' (to set concealer)

$7.00 - All Natural Face "Magic" Eyeshadow Primer
$5 - MBA Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Baby Soft'
$4.29 - GeoGirl Easy Eyeliner Pencil in 'April Mist'
$12 - Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara

$92.78 - (Without eyeshadow primer)

WITH primer ($7) and Lorac ($40)



(This site has the most realistic RMS concealer swatches:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Want To Do When I Grow Up (Aka MY JOB)

 "Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader -- 
not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon."
E.L. Doctorow 

This is one of my favorite writing quotes - and I had a vinyl decal of it that I had directly in front of my desk that year during my first year of college. It's a quote that almost makes me lose my breath because of some of the experiences I've had while writing. I also have another writing quote on my rib cage - "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." To me, reading and writing are all about feeling. Taken from my One Tree Hill blog post, I described my writing tattoo:

"I was writing the finale scene in DEFTILY (one of my fanfic books I published) one day; an exchange between Peyton and her father. While writing the scene I broke down in tears and cried my heart out while writing and finishing the scene. I felt so connected to Peyton and to my story. It is to this day the most memorable writing experience I’ve ever had.
While finishing the formatting for the book, I decided to add a quote to the third page. The one I found fit perfectly.
No tears in the writerno tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader” Robert Frost.
To this day it resonates so strongly with me and I think about it every time I write a creative piece. I have the first 2 lines tattooed on my ribs, and they’ll never leave my side or my mind."

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to have a job in the creative field. For a long time I wanted to be an actor, but when I started writing FanFiction for my favorite shows and realized just how much feeling I put into it, I immediately knew that was the career path I was going to follow.

I have some great stories in my head - one in particular that I've outlined. Unfortunately for me, college and being busy with school work all the time leaves less than desired free time. And with the little amount of free time that I have, I don't like the feeling of being pressured to write something. That's why I haven't written a story in quite a long, long time.

NOW - let's move to the point of the post. Just wanted to give some backstory. I have a friend Nat who I met online about 2 years ago. She has been working diligently and passionately working on getting her first (BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN) novel manuscript published. I expressed interest in wanting to be a Beta-reader for her book - basically somewhat of an editor and someone to generally look it over and make comments. Through working with Nat, I fell in love with editing. 

I still want to be and author and write books, but in order to make money and be financially stable, I know I have to have a stable job. I have fallen in love and discovered a passion for reading the manuscripts of people that I know have as much passion for writing as I do, even though I don't seem to express it by writing frequently. Currently my career path idea is to be an Acquisitions Editor; an editor that reads manuscripts and decides which ones move on to the next stage of the publishing process. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive with this (now that they know if I land a job in editing, I'll actually have a stable income).

I was just in the mood to express something personal to you guys about my life and where I'm going with my schooling. I'm currently studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing (4 Literature classes this semester!).

I hope that you all, if you're in college, or are going to be soon, will study something that you're passionate about (if you happen to know already). Seriously, find something you love and go from there. :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer REVIEW + PHOTOS

This is a review on using it for UNDER EYES only 
- (I use the All Natural Face Cream Concealer/Foundation Pot for blemishes - only around $5!)

Price: $27 is pretty steep for a concealer. Shipping is free on the Jane Iredale website

Packaging: 2g/.07z per tube. I spent quite a long time looking for a concealer with a brush similar to the Touche Eclat! However, after trying it out, I realize this type of applicator doesn't quite work for me. I prefer using my Sigma blending brush as a stippling brush with a pot concealer.

Brightening?: Yes! It's very brightening and reflects like well. I may just feel this way because it's the first actual LIGHT concealer I've used in over a year that's lighter than my actual skin tone. (My RMS beauty concealer matches my skin tone)

Coverage: The coverage is alright, but the concealer isn't as yellow as I think it should be. Yellow really seems to counteract dark circles for me much better than a neutral shade.

Staying Power: Not very good. Seems to start fading with an hour. (See photos for how it wears through out the day).

Creamy? or Dry?: It FEELS creamy, but on me - the concealer is very dry. It cakes up within minutes of applying and leaves a splotchy patch that lightly shows my purple dark circles through.

Overall - I'd probably give it 2/5 stars if that. I like the color (after my cheeks settle down from their morning redness!) But really don't like how much it cakes up.

TO SEE my everyday makeup routine using my RMS BEAUTY Concealer (application, coverage): click here
Left: JI #1, Right: RMS in 11

NOTHING ON (a little scary!):

Right after Applying JI:
(It really brightens + reflects light! No foundation so my cheeks look a little red after just doing my makeup)

Up close: ALREADY getting cakey

After 8 hours Wearing JI:

Photo I instagramed of my COOL eye 
that REALLY shows the dryness:

Hope you guys found this informative! 
Please remember: This is my opinion - feel free to try it out; It may end up working for you!
What is YOUR favorite concealer? Is it natural?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SIC: Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Buying!

Hi guys! I've been doing really well purchase-wise since my last "haul" and justification post. Up until yesterday I hadn't purchased ANYTHING for a whole week!! I bought some basics from H&M (2 dresses, bracelet, skirt) last Wednesday, and yesterday (Wednesday) - I purchased the Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer. I have been looking around for a brightening concealer for a LONG time - I love the RMS beauty concealer for everything but the fact that it could be lighter. Anyway, on to the questions.

What questions should you ask yourself BEFORE purchasing an item?

1. Do you LOVE it at first site? 
You'll know if you truly love it at first site. It should be a sign. You'll get that 'stop in your tracks' feeling where your heart stops and your brain thinks OMG HAVE TO HAVE IT. That happened with my denim/lace shirt from Forever21 2 weeks ago, and when my good friend Jen saw her new teal bag from Target (Her blog!)
If you get that feeling immediately when looking at it - chances are you may have to get it. BUT make sure to give it a good think if it's expensive AND ASK:

2. How many times will I wear/use this? Will I get my money's worth?
Yes - I had that LOVE feeling about my Rebecca Minkoff neon pink and brown bag I bought in the Spring. Even with the steep price, I only debated for about 4 days before buying it - and I've worn it ONCE. I'm ashamed to say it just doesn't go with anything in my closet :(  SO - unless the item is a basic (cami's, bandeaus, plain dresses/skirts - LOVE H&M for those. $5.95 skirts) - give it a good think. AND - if the price is high as well - will the price be justified by how many times you wear the item? My Adrina crocs are $40, which compared to some more expensive shoes, is cheap. But they are my go-to shoes and I know I'll get good use out of them.

3. Can you RETURN IT? 
I've been returning things quite a bit recently to try and get my money back for things I decide I don't really like for the money OR things that don't end up fitting. Unfortunately, some and a lot of stores ONLY do store credit - which sucks. F21 being one of them. Take that into consideration when buying something. For the concealer I bought last night, there was a seller on ebay selling the concealer for $20 but explicitly said "if you order the wrong shade, I won't accept a return" - so I sucked it up and ordered the concealer full price ($27) on the official Jane Iredale website. Their return policy is that they will switch out the color to match OR return your money if you don't like it.
--If you're stuck with it OR you're confident you might be able to make some money on it (more than you spent) - try ebay. I sold some Michael Kors wedges I didn't even know I had for $110. I also purchased some Silver/Clear Tory Burch Flats (picture is in my first SIC post) that didn't end up fitting. I made $30 selling them back on Ebay!

These are all the questions I have now! I'm sure I'll think of some more soon :)

Hope you guys enjoyed!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Everyday Makeup Products/Bright Eye Tutorial

Hi everyone! Here is the product list to go with my 'Daily/Bright/Glowy Makeup' Video!

*I already applied my Honey Girl Organics Face and Eye cream mixed with my Mexitan SPF50 Sunscreen: (Honey Girl Organics Intro Video)

The All Natural Face Cream concealer/foundation pot in 'Porcelain Kissed By Honey':
Sobe Botanicals Foundation in 'Light'
Ayelet Naturals Brightening Eye Cream:
My Beauty Addiction mineral blush in Innocence
Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder:
RMS Beauty "Un-Cover" Concealer in 11
MBA Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Baby Soft' (to set concealer)

All Natural Face "Magic" Eyeshadow Primer
MBA Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Baby Soft'
GeoGirl Easy Eyeliner Pencil in 'April Mist'
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara


(This site has the most realistic RMS concealer swatches:

Friday, September 7, 2012

SIC: Tips to Control Spending

Tips to Control Spending

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed my last Shopping In Control Post - Haul style. I thought I would include some tips as part of the SIC series for how to control spending and anything that pops into my head. Today I have 2 tips.

1. Start a word document at the 1st of the month to keep track of your spending. If you do online banking, check your statements every few days for the info. If not, keep receipts from where you shop. Include WHEN you bought the item, where from, what it was, and how much you were charged. Then, add up the numbers every so often. I'll add mine up every 4 transactions or after every week. I also recommend including what the total for the previous month's spending was in the corner as a reminder of how MUCH you spent and to not do it again, or how well you did and to stay on the same track!

2. I recently got into pinterest this summer and have made all sorts of fun boards. I recommend creating a board of things you want to buy. (My board is titled WANT). That way, when you look at the board, you'll realize just HOW MUCH you do want to buy and that you can't possibly buy it all. It'll put the items in perspective and you can decide what you really want most out of everything, or you might decide you don't really need to buy anything at all.
Here's my board if you want to check it out!!

Please share your board with me if you start one! 

And leave any of your controlled shopping tips below :P

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Honey Girl Organics: Intro!

Hi everyone!
This is the blog post to go along with my HGO intro video that will be up in 2 days.


I was in Hawaii when this skincare line caught my eye - the tagline especially!:

I contacted the owners, Anthony and Gwen, that night - and they agreed to send me the Cleanser, the Toner, and the Face And Eye cream. 

There are 5 main ingredients in the HGO products - all arranged at different concentrations to make each product's consistency:

Olive Oil
Essential Oil

Olive Oil - 
Organic, free of pesticides. 
Oil removes dirt, and is the main ingredient in the cleanser.

Beeswax - 
Identical to the wax our skin makes
Noncomedogenic (won't clog pores)
Allows air to pass
Non irritating
 Soaks into the skin after 3-5 hours because our body knows how to process it. 

Honey - 
Dehydrated flower nectar + 1% bee saliva 
Hydrates the skin - brings water to the top layer
Stimulates collagen: 

Anthony and I had a really great phone call to talk about the products and his views on using natural products. I absolutely LOVED talking with him (and talking with anyone who uses natural products/lives naturally).
We discussed the importance of using products that are as close to their natural stage as possible, that way none of the energy or beneficial ingredients are taken from them. Energy in it's purest form is the best, and the more processed an ingredient is, the less benefits it will have. 
The HGO products are cooked in small batches in a Cuisinart that only reaches 90 degrees - less heat = less nutrients gone! 

*I HAVE already started using the products - and filmed 2 diary videos so far. I started using them on Friday 8/31, and today is Tuesday 9/4. 
I will admit I'm a little nervous because the Cleanser reminds me of the Oil Cleansing Method and OH MAN - that was the reason my skin was murdered. Google the OCM if you haven't heard of it- it's basically cleansing your face with only oils.




Monday, September 3, 2012

Shopping in Control #1

Shopping in Control Post #1

Hi guys! 
So this starts my 'Shopping in Control' series. 
Basically the inspiration for this series comes from the fact that in June I decided to total up the amount I had spent a few months before in a Word Document - when, what I bought, and for how much. WELL - the amount was SHOCKING to me. I thought how is this possible? 
As most of you may know, I am a Stylehaul partner on youtube and do make money for my videos. It's money enough that I didn't have to get another job on the side this summer, but in terms of actually SAVING money - that's not going so well.

SO - I will do these posts every so often, maybe once or twice a month - post pics of what I bought, when, and most importantly, WHY! I'm attempting to cut out frivolous shopping and I hope this will inspire you guys to keep track and really justify your purchases.

August 27th - September 3rd
(I will admit - the fact I bought all this in the span of 8 days is a little crazy. But Labor Day SALES!)

I have been looking at the Tory Burch Caroline nude flats for awhile - so many beauty guru's have them! I don't own a nude pair of flats, and I'd heard such great things about them and that they were comfy. I went into Nordstrom to try on my size and see that I actually wanted them - they were SO COMFY and adorable. I found them gently used on ebay for $80 less than the original price ($225).

*I picked up another sample size of my Ayelet Naturals SPF eye cream - LOVE it for underneath concealer and have been using my first one since April(?):
Total was $6.50

                                 I went to Goodwill to see if there were any cheap finds for the fall - and any shoe deals I could find to sell on ebay.
I found a pair of xhilaration wedges for $10, but I think I'm going to take them back!
I got a leopard pair of jeans for $3.75 - I've been into leopard lately and that was a great price for them.
Peach Izod sweater for $3.75, and an Old Navy tank top for Fall layering for $3.75. I got a skirt for $3.75 but it fits pretty awkward on me so I decided to try to sell it - I may end up taking it back.

I've been on an ebay ROLL lately since I've started selling. You can find some great things for CHEAP on there.
Tory Burch : silver PVC patent 'Audrey' ballet flats : style # 212247500Well, since I saw my TB Caroline flats, I was kind of keeping and eye on some of the other flats, and these ones caught my eye. They are the TB Silver Audrey PVC flat. They are so unique looking, and I love the look of the clear sides and almost 'jelly' look to them. Trying to look them up online, I found hardly any info but they seem to be very rare. Originally $225 as well, I paid $77. IF they don't end up fitting or I don't like them, I'll resell them because they're rare :P 

I popped into F21 this weekend for some basics. I wanted to get some jeans for cheap because I gained quite a bit of weight last year in college that I want to LOSE - but for the time being, I got some jeans for $10.80 at F21. I also got some jean shorts for $12 that are lose around the thighs = what I need!
This amazing shirt caught my eye with the (fake) denim and lace. I got a size M, got home, tried it on, and it was really tight around the arms - so I went back yesterday to get the L. I'm soo in love with it.
I also got some skinny waist belts and a maroon zipper bag for the fall for $20. All will definitely be used A LOT!
At the mall I also popped into H&M to look at the scarves there and I found this grey leopard one for $12.75. It's large and fluffy and a neutral! Scarves were on my wish list for fall :)
(The pic is from instagram on an outfit I'm thinking of wearing it with!)

Last week I smelled the new perfume from Juicy, Juicy Couture   La Fleur. I looked it up online and found a joined rollerball - 1 'la fleur' and one regular Viva La Juicy. I went to see if Sephora had it on my mall trip, but they just had a rollerball of the VLJ - OMG. BEST SCENT EVER. I found it for $11 including shipping on ebay! I haven't purchased a perfume in FOREVER and I'm excited about having a new one. I literally was smelling my wrists all day when I had this on...

If you know me, you'll know for the past year I have been OBSESSED with my Adrina Crocs (flats with the bubble holes in them). I have wanted the Carlie flats (above pic) for the LONGEST time. They sold out the $25 ones on Amazon, so I saw them on sale WITH 20% off for signing up on the email for $15.99!!! I'm so excited. I love my crocs flats. Mwahaha.
I also got the Kadee Leopard flats because they were on a good sale as well, for $27 I believe. I don't know how I feel about the holes in the sides, but reviews on Amazon say they are a lot more cute in person and I have been wanting a pair of leopard flats. 

SO - that is everything I have purchased recently. I hope some of you that think this idea is interesting will join me in for shopping in control :P Tweet me or post a comment if you do!!

Free People Flag Scarf!
Tattered Flag Scarf

-Some Bandeaus from Amazon
-Thick leggings from Zara 
(The one's that are $35 are as thick as pixie pants = good dupe!)