Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get Ready With Me #1!

For this video I tried out a bunch of new products/techniques.

-Thoughts on the ANF cream foundation all over the face
          As most of you know I've been using the All Natural Face cream foundation as a concealer for probably two years, but I had never tried it as a full foundation. For this video I applied it with my sigma brush and followed up with my beauty blender slightly wet with Georges Aloe Spay. I had to work the product into my skin quite a bit, but I'm super happy with the coverage it gives.
           I've tried the foundation twice more since the video and realized I prefer skipping the brush and doing all the work with the beauty blender because it prevents the dry look (although I do still get some). The ingredients are better in the cream than the liquid foundation, and the cream has more coverage!

-Mermaid eyes!
I tried out the new Pumpkin and Poppy cream shadow in 'Beauty Sleep' as a base as well as some new turquoise/purple pigments from the ANF. Quite a bright look for Winter! :P

Pigment Fall Out Protector

All Natural Face cream foundation in 'Porcelain Kissed by Honey'
All Natural Face blush in 'Suntan' as bronzer
All Natural Face cream blush in 'Touch of Pink'
Sobe Botanicals oil control powder - My (quite old) Review
Sobe Botanicals mineral foundation in 'fairly light'
RMS Beauty un cover up in 11 - My Review
P&P 'Beauty Sleep' cream shadow
ANF pigments in 'Ocean Green', ''Mermaid's Choice', 'Twilight', 'Pale Lilac'
Shiro Cosmetics in 'Alkahestry'
Geek Chic Cosmetics in 'Angel of Thursday'
P&P cream liner in 'Blue Ruin'
Benecos Deep Black Mascara

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  1. Have you tried using your fingers to apply it? I don't feel like it is "dry". As you said, maybe it is the tool you are using to apply it. The warmth from your fingers will also help spread the product over your skin. Let me know your thoughts because I have considered buying a stippling brush to see if it applies differently than with my fingers.