Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer REVIEW + PHOTOS

This is a review on using it for UNDER EYES only 
- (I use the All Natural Face Cream Concealer/Foundation Pot for blemishes - only around $5!)

Price: $27 is pretty steep for a concealer. Shipping is free on the Jane Iredale website

Packaging: 2g/.07z per tube. I spent quite a long time looking for a concealer with a brush similar to the Touche Eclat! However, after trying it out, I realize this type of applicator doesn't quite work for me. I prefer using my Sigma blending brush as a stippling brush with a pot concealer.

Brightening?: Yes! It's very brightening and reflects like well. I may just feel this way because it's the first actual LIGHT concealer I've used in over a year that's lighter than my actual skin tone. (My RMS beauty concealer matches my skin tone)

Coverage: The coverage is alright, but the concealer isn't as yellow as I think it should be. Yellow really seems to counteract dark circles for me much better than a neutral shade.

Staying Power: Not very good. Seems to start fading with an hour. (See photos for how it wears through out the day).

Creamy? or Dry?: It FEELS creamy, but on me - the concealer is very dry. It cakes up within minutes of applying and leaves a splotchy patch that lightly shows my purple dark circles through.

Overall - I'd probably give it 2/5 stars if that. I like the color (after my cheeks settle down from their morning redness!) But really don't like how much it cakes up.

TO SEE my everyday makeup routine using my RMS BEAUTY Concealer (application, coverage): click here
Left: JI #1, Right: RMS in 11

NOTHING ON (a little scary!):

Right after Applying JI:
(It really brightens + reflects light! No foundation so my cheeks look a little red after just doing my makeup)

Up close: ALREADY getting cakey

After 8 hours Wearing JI:

Photo I instagramed of my COOL eye 
that REALLY shows the dryness:

Hope you guys found this informative! 
Please remember: This is my opinion - feel free to try it out; It may end up working for you!
What is YOUR favorite concealer? Is it natural?

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  1. I wanted to love this concealer so much, but my experience has been similar to yours. I stopped using it when I noticed that my eye fine lines were more visible after applying it.

    My absolute favorite concealers used to be the Korres Wild Rose concealer pen, Clinique Airbrush and YSL Touche Eclat.

    Still searching for a "natural"one that works for me...