Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sample Report: One Love Organics

I bought the One Love Organics Trial Pack a few days after Christmas when I saw that it was only $4.95! It had free shipping when I purchased it, but now I think there is an additional $5.95 shipping. Soon after I also purchased the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO sample kit, so I'll be talking about both! Watch my video here.

The original set comes with 5 items, and the Dehn kit comes with 4. The website says they are single use samples, but both oil samples have lasted me OVER a month of using them once a day. 

Find everything at One Love Organics or Beautysage

Original Kit

Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser
-I decided not to try this one, because I'm not a fan of lathering cleansers and my skin can be so finicky with them. 
Purchase the full size? No.

Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque
-This stuff smells AMAZING. Like Hawaii and pineapples and flowers and sun. This is the new advanced formula, which doesn't have baking soda or milk anymore. I mixed this with honey for a mask, and I left it on for over an hour - got distracted online - and my face was SO soft afterwards. As a scrub, though, I'm not a fan. It was too abrasive for my sensitive skin, and left it irritated.
Purchase the full size?  Possibly - I like it as a mask.

Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm
-Unfortunately I didn't get to try this because I'm almost positive I'm allergic to mango, but I believe this is their #1 product. It can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, etc! I think that's fantastic for a multi purpose balm. 
Purchase the full size? No.

Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster
-I love the texture of both the serums in this set. This is a subtle green color, and it has Raspberry leaf, date extract, peppermint, lemon balm, and more. The real test is when I used something my dermatitis didn't like - my skin flared up - and the next morning this calmed my skin down dramatically. Unfortunately, it doesn't smell great in the bottle, and Aaron said my face smelled like metal when I had it on my face :(. However, I love what it does for my skin.
Purchase the full size? Yes - I've already purchased the $29 discover size

Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum
-This is the product I used for the most consecutive days in a row. I really, really wanted to love this product because I've heard such great things about it. I think if I were showing more signs of aging (I'm not complaining that I'm not!), this would have made more of a difference for me. I like the scent - it smells like fresh roses - and it applies wonderfully. It is very moisturizing - I was able to just use this and my Episential Cheeky Salve on my dermatitis at night. However, it didn't give me the 'Wow - my skin looks great' look and feeling when I woke up the following morning like the La Bella Figura Barbary Fig Renewal Serum does. I also have a feeling it might be breaking me out. (Downsides of trying multiple products at once - which one is breaking me out?!)
Purchase the full size? No.

Elizabeth Dehn Kit

Vitamin D Active Moisture Mist
-I didn't try this one, because the same size is quite small to tell if it would even do anything, but I suspect this would be great for my dermatitis because it has aloe vera and mushroom extra.
Purchase the full size? Probably Not

Vitamin B Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover
I also didn't try this one because I'm allergic to papaya, but I've heard a LOT of great things, and it smells amazing.
Purchase the full size? No.

Vitamin E Eye Balm
I really love how thick this stuff is. It works well at moisturizing the undereye area, but doesn't do anything for dark circles.
Purchase the full size? Possibly. 

Vitamin C Serum
This is my second favorite product after Morning Glory. I LOVE this stuff, and if I wasn't using the LBF Barbary Fig Renewal Serum, I would be using this. It took care of recent acne scarring and left my face super soft. I talk more about it in my review video.
Purchase the full size? Likely in the future!

Have you tried any of these OLO products? 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye Looks Set #2

Time for another collective eye look post! I love doing these and photographing my favorite looks. The products listed below are just the products I used on my eyes. Every time I have a group of 4 makeup looks, I'll post them! 
Also - what can I call this eye look series?!

On the face in most of them;

Warm Hugs
                                      *Watch the tutorial for this one in my 
 All Natural Face Milk Diva Stick
Brija Cosmetics 'Reindeer'

Silk Naturals 'Exposed'

Honeybee Gardens 'Passage to India'

Silk Naturals 'Tweak'

Brija Cosmetics 'Sawyer's Heart'

Silk Naturals 'Fire'

Purple Waterfall
Worn in my January Favorites
All Natural Face Stick Primer
Darling Girl Whimsy
Darling Girl Blinded by the Whitelighter
All Natural Face Spring
Darling Girl Hell Hath No Fury
Darling Girl London Calling
Salon Perfect 62 Lashes

Dancing Flowers
Andrea did a GRWM featuring this look - 
I had to recreate it!
All Natural Face Iridescent Peach
Silk Naturals Tweak
Pumpkin & Poppy Strider
Silk Naturals Fusion
Brija Cosmetics Glittering Assemblage for liner
Salon Perfect Color Enhance Purple Wispies

Green Beast
All Natural Face Primer Diva Stick
Pumpkin + Poppy Louis Cream Shadow
Darling Girl Cosmetics Just Harried
Darling Girl Cosmetics Beast
Silk Naturals Olive You
All Natural Face Spring
Brija Cosmetics Whitelighter
Geogirl Liner in Treehuger
Brija Cosmetics Wide Eyed Waterline Pencil 
Salon Perfect 102 Demi Lashes

Here is the first post of makeup looks.

Which is your favorite? 
Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sample Report: La Bella Figura Holiday Set

During the holidays, I took the plunge and decided to try a sample kit from the popular natural skincare brand La Bella Figura. The Holiday Mini Set retailed for $60 (no longer available). I've been using these products off and on for about a month - the longest period being about two weeks with the Renewal Serum. Watch my video review to hear me rave about the set!

The items came in a gorgeous box with the ingredients on the back. I very much appreciate that when I want to quickly double check product ingredients.

(photo credit iluvjesse444)

The set included three .16ml rollerballs of:

(photo credit iluvjesse444)
Barbary Fig Renewal Serum - Full Size $125
I literally love this stuff. The first day I applied it, the rollerball just wasn't dispensing enough, so I popped it off and just applied it with my finger. This serum is amazing. I use it at night as my nighttime moisturizer, and the next day my face always looks brighter and better. AND - it smells so amazing. My mom thought I was burning a candle when she walked by after I put it on. 
Purchase the full size? I don't buy luxury skincare, and I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and getting this. It's all I think about even when I'm trying new things. 

Travel Therapy - Full Size $50
I was blown away by how much I ended up loving this. At first I was disappointed when I saw that I could have ordered a kit with the Decouvert eye serum that LBF is known for. And the first time I smelled it, I thought it smelled a little odd. But when I started wearing it on my wrists -BOY was I in love. In a base of jojoba oil, it has blue tansy, italian blood orange, and rose otto essential oil. I love this so much and can't imagine ever being without it. Since getting this, I've started to explore more natural perfumes - a category I'm not very familiar with!
Purchase the full size? The rollerball will last me a long time, but I definitely would - I'm so in love.

Daily Elements Defense Face Oil - Full Size $95
I love the idea of this oil and all the antioxidants it has. I use it with the rollerball in the morning before I apply my makeup, or I mix it with my other sunscreen products so they apply more smoothly. It smells lovely (although not as good as the renewal serum). It didn't really wow me, but I think I'll finish up the sample when I get back to school and have to walk to school in the sun.

Purchase the full size? Probably not.

La Bella Figura doesn't offer samples on their site separately, but the Canadian Site Clementine Fields does!

Have you tried any LBF products? 
The eye serum is next on my wish list!

My Sample Report for One Love Organics is coming next!

Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014 Favorites + Fails

Already time for January Favorites! Not much makeup this month, but I do have some skincare I've been trying! To hear my full thoughts, watch my January Favorites Youtube video (to hear some fails too!)


Schar White Bread



    =(Current Skincare Routine/Incident with my face)


Salon Perfect (Walmart) Lashes + Tool

(Lucy Minerals Blush)



4/5  of these are Instagram photos 
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