Sunday, March 24, 2013

COLLAB #1 MASTER POST! (Products I'd Repurchase)

Here are the list of all the girls participating in the first Green Beauty Collaboration on Products I'd Repurchase

If you participated and I didn't include your link, TWEET ME @iluvjesse444. It is the fastest way I will see your link and be able to include it! (I will be away some of Monday but I will add your link as soon as I can)

My Collab Video and Post

*Some girls are doing blog posts AND video like myself, 
which is indicted by the link to their post and a (+ video) as well.

Andrea - Starshine1991 (+ video)
WheatenBeauty - (video)
Margaret - Marg's Eco Life
Sarah - Sugarpuffish (+ video)
Dana - Live Green Beauty
Brooke - A Blessed Home
Asti - skjonnhet
Pemberley - Pemberley Jones
Shookanuca - The Many Loves of Shookanuka
Caitie - Naturalla Beauty
Mary - Pure Makeup
Hayley - The Flaxen Owl 
Lucie - Natural Maverick
Nicole - Eco Chic Beauty Diva
Britanie - Beauty By Britanie
Audreiana - True Beauty By Nature
Alexis - The Green Beauty Bunny (+ video)
Ana - Ana Goes Green
Vivi - Eco Beauty Secrets 
Lilly - Genuine Glow
Jenny - Red Head Beauty Diaries


  1. Hi, sorry I can't tweet you, here is the link to my blog post :

    I hope it will work!
    Have a great day,

    Lucie D.

  2. Hi there! Unfortunaely I also do not have Twitter, but I have joined in the collab. My url is:
    www.naturalstyleblog. com
    I'd be really grateful if you'd check it out! Thanks heaps!

  3. Hey Brianna, not sure if you got my tweet (I just joined Twitter and am shockingly social media-illiterate for a young person ;) but my post can be found here:

    Great collab, this has been fun to follow!

  4. This is awesome! I am so excited to find all of these natural product bloggers and Youtubers :) and to find out some all of your favorite products for me to try! Thanks to all of you, for putting this together!!!

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