Thursday, February 7, 2013

My [Winter] Skincare Routine!

           This is my skincare routine, or more specifically, my winter skincare routine. It may look like a lot, but to me it feels pretty simple! Over the last few months I’ve switched almost everything out besides the RB Intensive Repair Cream, and I am so pleased with the improvement of my skin. As you will see from the prices, I prefer bargain items and have found lots of amazing skincare companies that offer amazing quality at a lower price. Using natural products DOESN’T have to be expensive (see my video on that!), and I love that my routine doesn’t break the bank! Every item I use daily I can find for $15 or under.

If you would like to hear about my current Hair Washing Routine, check out my video and blog post.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt (Night)
I have completely cut out the use of makeup wipes with all nasty ingredients since using this mitt! Check out my first impression video and my favorites of 2012 where it was featured!

Really Raw Honey (Morning + Night)
16oz jar - $12  
I cleanse every morning and night with pure raw honey. I’ve been doing this since the end of November and have seen an immaculate change in my skin and my acne for the better. I used to have tiny black heads and bumps on my forehead, but after switching to pure honey – it’s all gone. I smear it on my face and brush my teeth while it sits on there for about 2 minutes. I get maybe 1 pimple a month on my forehead – and still a few on my cheeks and chin, but SO much less than with my earlier routines. The change has been crazy.
Important Side-note – I know that a large part of using natural products is indulging in pure oils. I myself love coconut (mainly on my body) and jojoba oil, but I usually stay away from mainly oil products on my face, especially olive oil. I find oils can be much too heavy on my face, and I’ve tried to incorporate them in many ways without a lot of luck. Aside from the Rainwater Botanicals healing salve I will occasionally use as a spot treatment, none of my skincare has olive oil. Olive oil is much too heavy of an oil for my skin and in multiple occasions has given me large, painful acne.
I know a lot of people swear by the Oil Control Method (cleansing with a mixture of pure oils and using a hot washcloth to steam the pores and wipe away), but that started the downward spiral of my skin about 2.5 years ago. 

George’s Aloe Spray (Morning + Night)
8oz for $4/$5
I picked this up after seeing a review from NaturallaBeauty. I use it after I wash my face morning and night for a cooling, refreshing mist. Applying products to a slightly wet face also locks in moisture, so I apply my serum as the mist is drying. Aloe is great for acne and redness, but the main reason I chose to try it is because it is very pure and simple and only has Aloe as an ingredient. I’ve read it’s good for a makeup base and setting spray, but I have yet to try it that way!

1oz for $15.
This is a newer addition to my skincare routine, but one of my favorites. I love the feeling of the Rainwater Botanicals serums. I used to use the Troubled Skin serum, but now in the winter when my skin needs some extra moisture, I chose the Nourishing Serum with carrot and pumpkin. It applies like a true serum (not oily), and absorbs into the skin within seconds.

2.5oz for $24 ($14 on Luckyvitamin/Vitacost!)
I started using this moisturizer right around the same time I started using honey. For over a year I had been using the Mexitan SPF 50 sunscreen, a thick, opaque sunscreen that was hard to blend alone – and I always mixed it with a cream to make it easier to spend (usually the RB intensive repair cream). The Devita moisturizer was recommended to me by many, and I definitely see why. It’s easy to blend, doesn’t leave a white cast (although, I will admit, I didn’t mind the white cast as it aids in color correcting my left over acne hyperpigmentation), and is a very nice base for makeup.
4oz for $12  - available in both jar and tube.
I use this as my night cream and it has been the item in my routine the longest. I absolutely love this cream as a face, body, and hand cream and raved about it as one of my favorites of 2012. It is a thick, white cream filled with antioxidants, yet doesn’t leave the skin feelings greasy or oily. I also use this on my arms and legs after I get out of the shower.

Waxelene (Morning + Night)
2oz for $7 (comes in a giant size too)
This has been my Winter skin-saving grace. It is a natural version of Vaselene, with the only ingredients being soy (non-GMO), rosemary, and . I concentrate this on my T-zone ,which has been the most dry for me this winter, and blend out so my cheeks get some extra moisturizer. It makes a great base for my makeup. This has also been my #1 choice lip balm for the Winter!

0.5oz for $10
*First off, this eye cream smells AMAZING. I would wear it as a perfume if Aaron weren’t allergic to raspberry. I love applying this because I love spelling it. The constancy is a little on the waxy side, but easily spreadable and doesn’t move once applied. It’s great for night-time and in the morning as an under-eye concealer base.

2oz for $15
-First impression review-
This quite possibly could be my favorite step of my skincare routine. I have a review/first impression post that I posted in December after first trying it, but I fall more in love with it every time I use it. It is a powder consisting of pure dried strawberries and coconut milk, so you can add whatever liquid to it you want – milk, water, honey, etc. I usually use the mix every other night/every 3 nights and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It has natural salicylic acid from the strawberries (great for acne and hyperpigmentation), is incredibly moisturizing (and leaves the skin SUPER soft), and reduces redness immediately. Not to mention, it smells good enough to eat. The face foods also come in a variety of “flavors”, so if strawberries aren’t for you, there are many powder to try. It also reduces active acne blemishes dramatically in size, and the next morning my skin looks radiant.  

4oz for $26
My video review
I find myself using this less and less since starting my PMD treatments, but before starting that, I used the Baobab face polish every other day/every 3 days in the shower. This scrub was also featured in my favorites video for 2012. The scrub particles themselves are incredibly fine, which makes for a deep treatment without cutting into the skin. It foams a tiny bit, but I love that I can control just how “harsh” I want the scrub to be. My face is left SO soft and fresh, and my moisturize applies with ease.

Rainwater Botanicals Healing Salve (Night)
.5 oz for $5
This is my spot treatment for the live acne that does pop up. Aside from being an acne treatment, it is also amazing as a universal "problem" balm. I've used it on cuts, Aaron has used it on a rash he had, I used it on my fresh tattoos last year - overall, this is another product I really recommend everyone has in their house (especially for only $5 that will last a long time!)

Between $130 and $190
I gifted this to myself for Christmas and overall I’m glad I did. I use the machine once a week, typically every 8 days or so, and it sloughs off a layer of my dead skin cells. My skin tone seems to overall be improving, but as for hyperpigmentation I can’t give a full account on that yet (although I am doing before and after video diaries for each treatment that I will compile into one video once I decide to do a full review).

So overall I have about 4 steps for each morning/night – Cleanse, Spritz, Serum, Moisturizer and then my eye cream! Once I find something that works for me, I always stick with it rather than trying out new products to review, because my skin is incredibly finicky!

How many steps do you guys have in your routine? Do you enjoy constantly trying new products and/or stick with that one amazing addition? 


  1. I'm getting the aloe spray when I make my next vitacost order. I'm also planning on getting that skin food from the ANF. Maybe it will help with these stupid breakouts I've been getting.

  2. i love honey for face mask <3

  3. Still loving the honey facial wash... although I hate it that ants in my house are hijacking my honey jar! Now I have to deal with a colony in my toilet. I have no choice but to cause a major ant genocide :(

    I don't enjoy trying new products, haha. I'm the beauty blogger who hates doing product reviews and trying out skincare products. I'm quite okay with makeup but I'm too lazy to switch and experiment with my skincare routine :X

  4. Have you heard of using Manuka honey for skin care? If so, do you still use the raw honey? Just wondering your thoughts because I'm trying to decide which to try!

    1. Yep, I've heard of it! I've read that washing with Manuka honey can leave some people's faces looking and feeling oily. The Raw Honey works so well for me that I just stick with that, and yes I still use and love it.

    2. My skin is super sensitive, so I need to use really gentle things & can't have things with "acids" that exfoliate. I've heard mixed things re;honey-that it's so healing, but does contain AHA's, however, sometimes the PH is too high for them to be "active". It depends on the batch.

      Do you have any thoughts on the AHA action of honey? Or any other suggestions for a natural cleanser for skin like mine.

      Thanks! <3

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  6. I'm really interested in the honey - I know that lots of people like the manuka honey - what drew you to try raw honey? I get a lot of those little bumps on my forehead and they drive me nuts! x

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