Friday, February 8, 2013

Eye Looks of the Week!

I've been experimenting a lot with my eye makeup lately and I thought I would do an 'Eye Looks of the Week' style post showing you my favorite shadows of the week as well as the looks I created with them!

My favorites from this week are:
Zuzu Luxe Pressed Shadow in 'Vixen'
Shiro Cosmetics in 'Chimera' and 'Day of Reckoning'
Geek Chic Cosmetics in 'As You Wish' 
All Natural Face 'Rose Gold'
Pumpkin and Poppy 'Blue Ruin' Cream Eyeliner


On Monday I did my Everyday Neutral Eye with a pop of teal/light turquoise on the lower last line - Sea Breeze from My Beauty Addiction. Admittedly, I really didn't feel comfortable wearing this look because of the bright lower lash line. It could be because it was the first day of classes and I felt it might have been too "out there". I do love this look on other people though.


On Tuesday I experimented with the new Shiro Cosmetics pigments I received in the mail on Monday night as well as my (my secret weapon is out!)  - my Pumpkin and Poppy liner in 'Blue Ruin'. I'm not a huge blue/black liner fan as I've said before. BUT, when I was creating this look and used my Geek Chic pigment in 'As You Wish' over the blue liner, it created this beautiful lilac purple. The liner stayed all day, the color didn't fade, and it was my favorite part of the look. On the lid I have Shiro's 'Wandering Wizard', 'Chimera' in the crease, applied the Blue Ruin liner, then 'As You Wish' on the top of that. Then I applied Shiro's 'Alchestry' (?) over the lower lid as well (which doesn't show up on the photo much), but it is a GORGEOUS blue/purple sparkle. 


Wednesday I worked again with Blue Ruin and colored liner. I used Zuzu Luxe in Vixen (my favorite brown neutral right now), with Chimera in the crease. I used Geek Chic's 'As You Wish' and Shiro's 'Day of Reckoning' over the liner and blended in the middle to create a gradient. I wore this in my Skincare Routine video.


On Thursday I recreated my Valentine's day look that will be up very soon (this picture was from that day). I wore this in my January Favorites video after filming and got a lot of compliments on it - I absolutely love this look and think it's so romantic. Zuzu Luxe 'Vixen' on the inner lid, All Natural Face 'Rose Gold' on the outer lid and half of the lower lashline, and Geek Chic 'As You Wish' in the crease. A little white in the inner corner as well. 


Today's look was probably my least favorite. It unfortunately came out looking like I have a black eye (this photo is totally embarrassing)/ I used Pumpkin and Poppy's new cream shadow in 'Divinely Happy', a light taupe, as a base, with Zuzu 'Vixen' on top. I LOVE the color of Shiro's 'Day of Reckoning', but it didn't show up at all true to color on the lid. I tried 'As You Wish' in the crease, but thus it all ended up looking like a purple and brown black eye. It's raining today so I wore my Zuzu Luxe mascara in Navy instead of the Benecos Black I've been wearing all week. 

So those are the looks I wore this week as well as my favorite pigments! What have been your favorite natural shadows lately? Please share! Also, let me know if you liked this post!

I just made my first order with Silk Naturals last night for some beautiful colors, and I have an ANF order with more pigments coming in too. I can't wait to play! 


  1. I wish I had a reason to wear makeup everyday. I only end up wearing it about twice a week. I really want to get some geek chic and more shiro colors. All your looks are beautiful. I don't wear natural colors all that much, but I've been really enjoying riviera from Pumpkin and Poppy. It's great when you're doing more cool-toned looks. I guess I'm a little more out there than you, because I would wear the look I just did with SugarPill just about anywhere and not feel weird, haha.

    1. I love that I can always look forward to you being the first comment on my blog posts haha! I think I'm still getting into my confidence of wearing eye makeup so I feel more comfortable in more subtle looks. I'll definitely check that color out from P&P!!

    2. I was thinking when I posted this that you were going to think I was a stalker haha. It took me a while to get comfortable with blending so, I started out with light, neutral colors. I think Riviera really compliments purple looks.

  2. Love this post! Already wanted to ask you what you were wearing on your eyes in your skincare video and now I know. Thank you so much!