Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye Looks Set #2

Time for another collective eye look post! I love doing these and photographing my favorite looks. The products listed below are just the products I used on my eyes. Every time I have a group of 4 makeup looks, I'll post them! 
Also - what can I call this eye look series?!

On the face in most of them;

Warm Hugs
                                      *Watch the tutorial for this one in my 
 All Natural Face Milk Diva Stick
Brija Cosmetics 'Reindeer'

Silk Naturals 'Exposed'

Honeybee Gardens 'Passage to India'

Silk Naturals 'Tweak'

Brija Cosmetics 'Sawyer's Heart'

Silk Naturals 'Fire'

Purple Waterfall
Worn in my January Favorites
All Natural Face Stick Primer
Darling Girl Whimsy
Darling Girl Blinded by the Whitelighter
All Natural Face Spring
Darling Girl Hell Hath No Fury
Darling Girl London Calling
Salon Perfect 62 Lashes

Dancing Flowers
Andrea did a GRWM featuring this look - 
I had to recreate it!
All Natural Face Iridescent Peach
Silk Naturals Tweak
Pumpkin & Poppy Strider
Silk Naturals Fusion
Brija Cosmetics Glittering Assemblage for liner
Salon Perfect Color Enhance Purple Wispies

Green Beast
All Natural Face Primer Diva Stick
Pumpkin + Poppy Louis Cream Shadow
Darling Girl Cosmetics Just Harried
Darling Girl Cosmetics Beast
Silk Naturals Olive You
All Natural Face Spring
Brija Cosmetics Whitelighter
Geogirl Liner in Treehuger
Brija Cosmetics Wide Eyed Waterline Pencil 
Salon Perfect 102 Demi Lashes

Here is the first post of makeup looks.

Which is your favorite? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. the 3rd one! They are all gorgeous though :D

  2. I love allllll of them but I love the one you wore in your january favorites and the green one the most :3

  3. Nice :))
    Love all the looks :)

  4. Wow, these looks are ALL incredibly gorgeous! You are so talented! And so adorably cute, too!