Friday, January 17, 2014

4 Recent Makeup Looks

 4 recent makeup looks from the past week! I had fun naming the looks :P This post also features all of the products from the upcoming Villain Collection from my brand Brija Cosmetics. 
I think my favorite look is Romantic Purple. 
Which is your favorite? 
(Click to enlarge the photos)

 On the face in most of them;

 Darling Villain
All shadows from my brand Brija Cosmetics - all from the upcoming Disney Villains collection. I LOVE a neutral look with a pop of color liner. 

Brija Cosmetics 'Bachelor Watson'
Brija Cosmetics 'Keith Scott'
Brija Cosmetics 'King of Bones' (Scar)
Brija Cosmetics 'Glittering Assemblage' Cream Shadow (Maleficent)
Brija Cosmetics 'Electric Underworld' (Hades)

Cheeks - All Natural Face 'Peachy Rose' Blush
Lips - W3ll People Nudist Lip Shine #7 

Green Goddess
I was inspired by Andrea's recent GRWM and decided to use some green! I love using green and am going to use it more often

Brija Cosmetics 'Mean One' Cream Shadow
All Natural Face 'Forest Floor'
Shiro Cosmetics 'Lingered in Twilight'
Brija Cosmetics 'Whitelighter'

Cheeks - Lucy Minerals 'Juicy Peach' Blush
Lips - Brija Cosmetics 'Unfortunate Souls' Lip Pencil (Ursula)

Sweet Sparkle
I experimented with some eyeshadows I hardly use!

P&P 'Doe Eyed'
Silk Naturals 'Tiger Lily'
Darling Girl 'Beast'
Brija Cosmetics 'King of Bones'
Darling Girl 'Whimsy'
Sobe Botanicals 'Avalanche'
Brija Cosmetics Glittering Assemblage Cream Shadow
Ardell Natural Lashes 110

Cheeks: P&P 'Fire Dance' Blush
Lips: W3LL People Nudist #7, Pacifica 'Coral' Lip gloss

 Romantic Purple
I LOVE this look and think I'm going to make it my Valentine's tutorial for this year.

Pumpkin+Poppy 'My Precious' Cream Shadow
Brija Cosmetics Wide Eyed Pencil Liner
Brija Cosmetics 'Consulting Detective'
Brija Cosmetics 'Reindeer'
Brija Cosmetics 'King of Bones'
Darling Girl 'Boogeyman'
P&P Inventor Cream Shadow (Liner)
Salon Perfect Purple Lashes

Cheeks: Brija Cosmetics 'Stolen Luxury' Face Highlight (Cruella Deville)
Lucy Minerals 'Juicy Peach' Blush
Lips: W3LL People Nudist #7, Brija Cosmetics 'Painting Roses' Lip Gloss (Queen of Hearts)

 A mineral eyeshadow application + blending video is coming soon to my youtube channel. 
Be on the lookout! 

I think my favorite look is Romantic Purple. 
Which is your favorite? 


  1. All of them are beautiful, and I mean that. If I had to choose, I'd run with Darling Villain :)

  2. Your dermatitis is gone!! Your skin looks great! Love the last look and those purple lashes!

  3. I agree - they are all beautiful!! I love the glow you have in Romantic Purple, the green shadow is gorgeous in Green Goddess, and the lip colour is perfect in Sweet Sparkle. I look forward to seeing your blending video - I've only just started using more than one colour on my lids, so am in need of expert advice! :) Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I love the purple! Could you do a tutorial on that look?

    1. The romantic purple look? I think that's going to be my Valentine's Day tutorial this year ;)

  5. Brianna you are the queen of eye shadow! :-) all these looks are stunning. Rach xx