Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skincare + Food Haul! Lucky Vitamin, Samples

Haul time!
Here's a mini review of everything and some links.

Lucky Vitamin
King Arthur Pancake Mix
Enjoy Life Cinnamon Roll Bars (First impression is in the video!)
Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Granola
Mighty Leaf 'Detox' Tea
Caprylic Acid Pills (Talked about them here)
Ecos Magnolia + Lily Detergent

George's Aloe Spray - $4.77
-I use this on a cotton pad in the morning to refresh my face instead of washing it. Very multipurpose!

Episencial Cheeky Salve - $8.99
-Get this stufffff. It's amazing and so multipurpose. Great for eczema, sensitive skin, etc. 

Jojoba Oil - $7.26

Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse - $16.50/2oz
-I got this to help hold my steam curls better, but it honestly didn't hold them that well. I'll probably just use it as a root volumizer now. I like the ingredients, but it's pricy! 

Shea Terra Chocolate Scrub - $12
-Not a fan. The smell, the texture - I'm disappointed. 

Skincare Samples
La Bella Figura Holiday Mini Set - $60
-I feel somewhat terrible for posting this because it's sold out, but all of the individual products are still available. The infatuation that other green bloggers have with LBF is justified - I seriously am having a love affair with their products! I always thought $125 was ABSURD for a face oil, and now I'm about to buy the full size of the Barbary Fig Renewal Serum. It's heaven and smells like heaven too. The first time I used the trio, I had just taken a shower and when my mom walked by, she asked if I was burning a candle because it smelled amazing - that's how great they smell!!

Pai Skincare Trial Pack - $15 
-I've been really loving the cleanser and the sensitive skin moisturizer. I really think the moisturizer is make my makeup last better through out the day.

One Love Organics Trial Pack - $4.95
-They say 'single use', but for me they definitely aren't! I will probably get at least 3/4 out of the serums. I was most excited to try out the Morning Glory + Love Springs Eternal Serum. 

Are you sampling any skincare lately? I've been adding items to my wish list and researching products night and day. Let me know specifically what oils and serum you're currently loving!


  1. Geat list of samples!
    Currently not sampling anything....dont really like changing skincare products too often :-)

  2. Yay for a haul. You got some good stuff, especially those LBF samples. Isn't Travel Therapy amazing? I've been disappointed by all Yarok products. Just doesn't work for my hair