Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brushes + Tips for Mineral Eyeshadow Application/Blending

Today I have a post with my favorite eyeshadow brushes, and a demo on application + blending! (Video can be seen first on my channel)

To begin, I want to express my love for mineral makeup. I LOVE mineral eyeshadows - pressed eyeshadows don't seem special to me at all, to be honest. I love the unique color and inspiration between each shadow. That is why I decided to do media inspired products for my brand Brija Cosmetics.
One thing I wouldn't be without in my eyeshadow application process is a sticky base. The base/primer is the most important step in applying mineral shadow - it holds the loose powder on. My favorite recommended sticky bases are the ANF Diva Sticks and the Brija Cosmetics + Pumpkin & Poppy cream shadows.

Products Used in the Demo Eye Look:

(Salon Perfect 102Demi Lashes)

Favorite "Base" Crease Colors -
4/5 time, I always lay one of these colors down to begin with. 
It starts the look with a guideline.

Silk Naturals Latent - Warm taupe
Pumpkin & Poppy Riviera - Cool, gray taupe
Silk Naturals Cameo - Rose taupe
Brija Cosmetics Reindeer 
- Golden brown that can look cool/gray in the crease

My Favorite Eye Brushes

 Group 1: Blending
Sonia Kashuk (Target) Blending
Sedona Lace 863 - Crease color application

Group 2: Lid Color
Target Eyeshadow Brush
Tjmaxx Small Flat Brush
Coastal Scents BR-C-N02 (Available in synthetic) 

Group 3: Crease Blending
Target Blending Brush
Eco Tools Short Blending Brush

Group 4: Outer Corner/Blending
Crown Brush Pro Blending Flush

Group 5: Select Color
Crown Brush Chisel Shader
Target Eyeshadow Brush
Crown Brush Pointed Blender

Group 6: Above crease color

Group 6: Lashline/Inner Corner

Do you have any similar brushes that you LOVE? 
Make sure to check out the demo video to see the brushes in action!

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