Saturday, January 25, 2014

My company Brija Cosmetics: NEW Disney Villain Collection

Hi lovelies! I still have to make the collection video on my Youtube channel, but the Brija Cosmetics Villain Collection is out, inspired by my favorite Disney Villains! I'm incredibly excited about the new cream highlight stick - it's one of my favorite products I've made so far! 

I thought I would share some photos of the collection! 

The final villains and products are...

Hades - Electric Underworld Eyeshadow
Yzma - Yzmopolis Eyeshadow
Scar - King of Bones Eyeshadow
Maleficent - Glittering Assemblage Cream Shadow
Ursula - Unfortunate Souls Lip Pencil
Queen of Hearts - Painting Roses Lip Gloss
Cruella Deville - Stolen Luxury Cream Stick Highlight

Support from other green beauty bloggers means the world to me - thank you to those of you who have already tried Brija!

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  1. Glittering Assemblage Cream Shadow has my name on it. I am glad it's a permanent color, so I have time to get it in the future.