Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Current Hair Washing Routine!

This post goes with my Hair Washing video!

I recently did a Most Used Styling Products video!

I've been suffering from dandruff and a flakey scalp for a long time, probably going on a year now. I've switched between Nature's Gate and Organic Excellence shampoos, exfoliating with my DIY Scalp Scrub and using an apple cider vinegar rinse every so often.
I decided that my hair probably wasn't getting enough moisture, had mineral buildup, or I somehow wasn't getting all the shampoo out. 
I used the Eucalyptus Mint Shampoo Bar from Sweet Creek Herbal Care on Etsy at the beginning of 2012 and did a video review of Kathleen's store. I loved it back then but couldn't figure out the right way to make an ACV rinse to use after the shampoo bar. Without something to reset the pH (which is what vinegar does), typically a shampoo soap will leave your hair feeling greasy and heavy.

I decided to try the shampoo bar again for moisture and for the dandruff, an ACV rinse like Britanie wrote about in her post, by mixing a little in with water (there are tons of recipes online), pouring and massaging it on the scalp, and leaving it on for a bit in the shower. The mistake I made before was pouring it on, and rinsing it out almost immediately. Leaving it on allows the vinegar to really penetrate the scalp and help condition the hair.
While I washed my hair every 7-9 days with a bottled shampoo, I usually only go 4 or 5 with this combination because it is more moisturizing and has great oils. The ingredients in the shampoo soap are AMAZING and I never (and still can't) seem to find a natural bottled shampoo with fantastic ingredients. Kathleen's sells a ton of shampoo bars - the Eucalyptus Mint is free from olive oil, which I've learned is too strong an oil to use in my hair that doesn't rinse out completely. I want to try the                                                     Lavender Rose one soon! The bars last forever - I cut small slices off mine and I'm STILL on the first slice I cut, and I've been using it since the beginning of December.

Conditioners are a bigger worry, since all I've seen contain either silicones, panthenol, cetrimonium bromide, and other types of hair "coating" ingredients which create a film over the hair that over time will make the hair dry, for it doesn't allow 100% of moisture to penetrate. Vinegars acts as conditioner in itself - it detangles! You only need a little bit of vinegar because too much will make your hair stringy. 
*Apple Cider Vinegar in full strength is known to strip hair color, so if you currently color you hair, be aware! It also naturally brings out the red in your hair, which I really like, but some people may not.

This combination has been wonderful for my hair and scalp. The shampoo bar leaves my hair SO soft, more soft than any bottled shampoo, and the amount of flakes in my hair has been decreased to almost NONE! I love this combo and I highly recommend it to  everyone!

 What are you currently using on your hair? Have you ever tried a shampoo bar before?!


  1. My hair is straight naturally and I (sadly) have dandruff and dermatitis. I've tried ACV as a rinse but thought it left my hair greasy. I currently use John Masters Zinc & Sage shampoo and Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo when I do an oil scalp treatment (jojoba, rosemary & lavender EO). Doing the oil treatment every other day has made a HUGE difference in my scalp. I'm definitely going to revisit ACV rinse now that I know I was using too much AND check out Kathleen's shampoo bars.

    1. I definitely should try an oil treatment even though this routine has pretty much cleared my dandruff out :P I hope you'll find a shampoo bar from Kathleen you're interested in!!

  2. I have recently been using a shampoo bar and I love it, I prefer it so much more than a regular bottle shampoo. I've heard of doing an ACV rinse but I am a bit worried about my coloured hair, but my scalp is so dry I might do it anyway. Even though I am using a shampoo bar I can't go longer than 2-3 days of not washing my hair cause it gets greasy even though my hair and scalp are dry, I wonder if the ACV would help.

  3. It should be working on me. Mine knda sensitive.

    gray hair