Sunday, January 20, 2013

Makeup Storage at Home!

I recently did a Makeup Storage and Apartment Makeup Collection video, but since I've been home, I made some changes to the white drawers I keep in my bathroom.
I finally cleaned out all my un-natural makeup (about time, after 3 years!), and decided to store the makeup I have at home with me in there. In the last month I've also purchased quite a bit of makeup from online and The All Natural Face. 

In the first drawer I have cotton swabs and some benadryl!

    The first makeup drawer I have most of my every day makeup products - All Natural Face, Pumpkin and Poppy, RMS, and my 2 Sobe Botanicals Lipsticks.
In the 2nd drawer I have my bigger container face products. In the back left corner I have a blush from My Beauty Addiction, then my All Natural Face highlight that is a bronze color, Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder, bronzer from My Beauty Addiction in the bottom right, and in the leaf jar I have my Sobe Botanicals powder foundation I use to set my cream concealer. 
In the 3rd drawer I have my eye products. This drawer has really been getting full lately! I have some mineral shadows from Sweet Pea and Fay and the ANF, a new Zuzu Luxe shadow, some ANF diva sticks, my ANF 'magic' eye shadow primer, some pressed shadows from MBA, my Zuzu Luxe mascara, and the Jane Iredale Active Light concealer I'm trying to figure out what to do with!

The 4th drawer is new products and products I'm testing out possibly to review/do videos on. It's super full! All the eyeshadows on the left are from the ANF. I have some cream shadows from RMS beauty, a primer prep from Zosimos, a few goodies from December's Goodebox, Pumpkin and Poppy Ice Dance, and some cream blushes (the compacts) from the ANF!

So, that is all the makeup I have home with me! I've been loving doing my eye makeup lately with all my new mineral shadows! I love seeing photos of people's makeup collection because then I can go back and really look at everything in detail, so I hope you guys enjoy! Anything from my collection you want to try?!


  1. I used my ANF cream blush today for the first time. I LOVE it. It stayed for about 12 hours.

    1. Yay! I absolutely love mine too and have been getting them in so many colors. Perfect size too!

    2. I can't wait to get more. The ANF is an awesome company. So affordable. I think they are going to be my new Wet N' Wild since I'm going to cut out buying drugstore makeup.

    3. Yes their prices are seriously one of the biggest reasons I love them so much - natural/organic makeup doesn't need to be expensive! There's so many choices too! What do you think you're going to pick up next? :D

    4. More cream blushes for sure! And some of the skin food.