Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Honey Girl Organics: Intro!

Hi everyone!
This is the blog post to go along with my HGO intro video that will be up in 2 days.


I was in Hawaii when this skincare line caught my eye - the tagline especially!:

I contacted the owners, Anthony and Gwen, that night - and they agreed to send me the Cleanser, the Toner, and the Face And Eye cream. 

There are 5 main ingredients in the HGO products - all arranged at different concentrations to make each product's consistency:

Olive Oil
Essential Oil

Olive Oil - 
Organic, free of pesticides. 
Oil removes dirt, and is the main ingredient in the cleanser.

Beeswax - 
Identical to the wax our skin makes
Noncomedogenic (won't clog pores)
Allows air to pass
Non irritating
 Soaks into the skin after 3-5 hours because our body knows how to process it. 

Honey - 
Dehydrated flower nectar + 1% bee saliva 
Hydrates the skin - brings water to the top layer
Stimulates collagen: 

Anthony and I had a really great phone call to talk about the products and his views on using natural products. I absolutely LOVED talking with him (and talking with anyone who uses natural products/lives naturally).
We discussed the importance of using products that are as close to their natural stage as possible, that way none of the energy or beneficial ingredients are taken from them. Energy in it's purest form is the best, and the more processed an ingredient is, the less benefits it will have. 
The HGO products are cooked in small batches in a Cuisinart that only reaches 90 degrees - less heat = less nutrients gone! 

*I HAVE already started using the products - and filmed 2 diary videos so far. I started using them on Friday 8/31, and today is Tuesday 9/4. 
I will admit I'm a little nervous because the Cleanser reminds me of the Oil Cleansing Method and OH MAN - that was the reason my skin was murdered. Google the OCM if you haven't heard of it- it's basically cleansing your face with only oils.




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