Sunday, December 8, 2013

Green Beauty Characters Tag!

I was tagged by the amazing Mary of Pure Makeup to do this tag! Normally I do tags on my Youtube channel, but I thought this one would be fun to type out! I tag Andrea (Shoudra Stargleam) and anyone else that wants to do it.

On my nightstand you’ll find: Deep Steep Body Butter in Brown Sugar Vanilla (amazing!!), Nourish Organics Body Butter, various lip balms including the brands Love & Toast, Sweet Creek Herbal Care, and Rooted. I also have the book 'The Plan" on my nightstand and I stayed up until 5am reading it this morning. If you like nutrition and learning about how food effects the body and weight - READ IT.

The literary character I’m most like is (take this quiz to find your answer): Haha Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Interesting!

I’m currently obsessed with: Bronzers, for the last month. And trying to find a cream cleanser for my super sensitive skin. (What is your favorite of either?!)

My favorite superhero is: Definitely Batman. My boyfriend Aaron is obsessed with Batman, so I've automatically become a huge fan too.

Favorite beauty product of 2013: Oh gosh. 2013 was a hard year for my skin in general because I developed dermatitis on my face. In general though, I would probably have to say facial oils, specifically Sea Buckthorn oil. 

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: I would really like to have dinner with my Dad's mom. She died right before I was born, and meeting her would be amazing. 

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle?: Oils, shea butter, and super light exfoliation! I also apply coconut oil on my arms and legs after showering. 

My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Water, and rooibos tea, lately! Rooibos tea is great for inflammation, so I've been drinking a ton of it over the last few months. 

My TV boyfriend is: Benedict Cumberbatch or Joshua Jackson. From the TV shows Sherlock and Fringe, respectively. Freaking love them, and highly recommend watching both shows if you haven't already seen them.

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be: I never ever touch up anything other than my lips when I'm out and about, so definitely a tinted lip balm or gloss.

One beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is: Always use sunscreen!

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: My blanket!

My favorite show of the moment is: I finished Fringe last week, so that is definitely a current favorite. I also quickly went through 'Under the Dome' in the past few days, which seems to be really popular right now. The first half of the season was pretty good - it was a decent watch overall. Other all-time-favorites include One Tree Hill, Charmed, LOST, and Sherlock! Aaron and I also love watching Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge together. 

My favorite quote is: The one that always comes to mind is - "No tears in the write, no tears in the reader." by Robert Frost. I have it tattooed on my right side. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and are having a great day. It's snowing outside and I'm drinking tea - yum!


  1. You should try Andalou Probiotic Apricot Cream Cleanser (I think it's called), it's been pretty good to my sensitive skin. Great answers :) xo

  2. I love reading these. I love rooibos tea as well. I didn't realize it had a health benefit good to know!

  3. I echo EcoChicBeautyDiva in saying that Andalou's apricot cleanser is great on sensitive skin--I think it's called Cleansing Milk though. They also have a meyer lemon creamy cleanser, but I've never tried it since I'm allergic to one of the ingredients.