Saturday, March 8, 2014

Interview with Marlayna of 'Metal Arts by Marlayna'

I'm so excited to start including some more Etsy reviews and shops in my video lineup as I did years ago. For those of you that have been watching me for awhile, I used to be obsessed with polymer clay jewelry I found on Etsy. (Example here - throwback 2010). My first Etsy shop video this year features wire-wrapped gemstone pieces I purchased from Marlayna of Metal Arts by Marlayna. She is a 21 (almost 22) year old from Ohio! To see the pieces, check out my video - but I did ask Marlayna some additional questions about her shop and creative process, so continue reading!

What inspired you to start making jewelry?
I actually started with soap but every time I went to buy soap supplies I had to walk past the jewelry aisles, I guess I finally got sucked in by the sparkle and overall prettyness of all the beads and crystals. After spending countless hours staring at the materials, I finally purchased some and I found a passion. Now as for how I got into wire work, I was inspired by some of the truly amazing artists out there and said I want to be like them someday.

What are your favorite items to make? 
I love to make pendants! I keep telling myself that I should really work on earrings or bracelets but then I just end up making more pendants or occasionally rings.

What is your favorite piece you've ever made?
I have too many favorite pieces to say! This is a bit egotistic but I love almost all of my pieces just for the fact that they are proof that I can have creative moments. :D

How do you decide where to start with a stone before you make it into a wire-wrapped piece? 
For me, it normally depends on the stone. I usually use cabochons which don't have holes so you have to think about how to secure the stone so it doesn't fall out and then you can think about designs, and where to put what. If you use beads or stones that have drilled holes it makes it easier to secure the stone so you can focus on the design more.

What's the hardest part about making jewelry?

I think the hardest part is either when your muse decides to take a vacation and you can't make a piece for ANYTHING.....or waiting for packages full of new supplies or pretty rocks to come in the mail.

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  1. Could you do some beginner eye tutorials?? Love the looks you create!