Monday, March 25, 2013

Products I'd Repurchase: HUGE BLOG COLLAB

This is my matching blog post to my Products I'd Repurchase video for the huge Green Beauty Collaboration!

Master Post to All Girls Participating is HERE.

A lot of these are favorites I've talked about A TON and I have indeed already repurchased (8/13 of them!). Others are newer but have quickly become a favorite.

The All Natural Face Cream Foundation in 'Porcelain Kissed by Honey' // Video + Post 
I love this foundation so much. It's perfect for my skin tone and matches me perfectly. I use it with my beauty blender or with my fingers and can layer it for more coverage.

Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder 
This is one of the products I wear when I'm going out but don't want to wear a lot of makeup. While my forehead isn't really oily, it does have some shine, so I put a little Oil Control powder on top. I've been using it for YEARS now and it's my must have for all makeup looks, all times of the year.

The All Natural Face Cream Blush in 'Everyday is A Good Day' // Cream Blush Collection - 
I had to pick a cream blush from the ANF. They are my favorite, and Everyday is A Good Day is a GORGEOUS everyday color - a very nice light peachy pink coral color. 

Zosimos Cream Eyeshadows // Cream Shadow Showdown
These are my favorite cream shadows for staying power. They grab onto pigments so well and last all day with no creasing. They come in a bunch of colors - I have the mini pot sizes ($5) of Fools Gold, White Hilite, Bronze, Nutmeg, Daylily, and Avocado. I highly recommend them if you want a shadow base that is really pigmented and will last all day.

Pumpkin and Poppy 'Divinely Happy' Cream Shadow // February Favorites 
This is my current favorite cream shadow. I haven't seen a natural taupe color that is anything like this one. I blend it out for a sheer color, and love to use neutrals on top of it. It lasts with hardly any creasing at all, and it's a great price at only $8. 

Silk Naturals 'Doubloons' // February Favorites 
This has been my favorite shadow for the past 2 weeks. It looks amazing over Divinely Happy. It's a light taupe with a gorgeous peach duochrome and I can't rave enough about it. I love to wear Everyday Is A Good Day because they peach tones of each compliment each other. I highly recommend Silk Naturals for their duochrome shadows and neutrals.

Benecos Volumizing Mascara in Deep Black // January Favorites
I bought this in January and it has quickly become my favorite mascara. Black mascara looks much better with eye looks than the Zuzu Luxe Navy mascara, which has been my favorite until the Benecos. I love the Benecos formula (it's not too wet) and that it really gives volume to my already long lashes. I use 2 coats and it makes my lashes look amazing. 

Devita Sunscreen SPF 30 // Skincare Routine Video + Post
Huge favorite among the Green beauty community! Great ingredients, great formulation - doesn't leave a white cast, great texture and base for makeup. I highly recommend trying it if you haven't! Lately I've been mixing it with my ANF Cream foundation to create a tinted moisturizer that gives really nice coverage and will be awesome for the spring and summer!

Tate's Sunscreen SPF 30 // No Review
This became my favorite body sunscreen when Aunt Betsy gave me my first tube this past summer. It's my Go To everyday sunscreen in the summer (If I'm going to be outside for a long time I'll usually layer it with something stronger). It's not greasy or sticky, doesn't have a weird smell. It dries like a lotion and I love it. Slight downside is that the price is a little high. 

The All Natural Face Strawberries and Cream Face Food // FI Review - Skincare Routine Video + Post
Dried strawberries and coconut milk. The face foods come in a variety of flavors! You can add whatever liquid to it you want – milk, water, honey, etc. I usually use the mix every other night/every 3 nights and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It has natural salicylic acid from the strawberries (great for acne and hyperpigmentation), is incredibly moisturizing (and leaves the skin SUPER soft), and reduces redness immediately.  

George's Aloe Spray // Skincare Routine Video + Post
I use it as a toner (aloe is great for acne and sensitive skin), and as a makeup primer and setting spray. I've also used it to foil eyeshadows! It's such a great price too, around $5 for 8oz! 

Planet Botanicals Baobab Face Scrub // Review
This is my favorite scrub EVER. I love how tiny the scrub pieces are, it's not too rough on my skin, and it leaves my face super soft and clean!

Waxelene // Skincare Routine Video + Post
I love using this on my dry T-zone at night before bed and as a base on my T-zone for my foundation. It's a great all-purpose balm and is the natural version of Vaseline. I highly recommend it!


  1. Oh! More eyeshadows to look at! I've been wanting to try Waxelene but haven't found a place that sells it with a decent shipping fee. The Benecos Mascara also looks amazing! Great list! ^.^

  2. Fab video and great selection of products, will have to see if they are available in the UK :-) fingers crossed xxxx
    Jen xx

  3. I REALLY need to try the Zosimos cream shadows! I have been eyeing them forever!

    1. Order them now so you'll get them by the summer :P shipping is forever but they have amazing staying power!

  4. I'm so trying the Benecos mascara once I finish my zuzu one. It's so much cheaper too! Sobe botanicals is another one in trying coming summer. Thanks for organizing this fun collab!