Thursday, March 21, 2013

How I Keep My Teeth White/Oral Care Routine

   -Has some really good info

Activated Charcoal Capsules  $3-$4
I use about half a capsule of these once a week to whiten my teeth and they work SO well. I wet my toothbrush, pour half on, wet it a little more, and brush for about two minutes.

Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips - About $10
They do taste like soap but lather/foam wonderfully and will last forever!
Be careful using them for months on end because they might possibly leave your teeth gray because there is no hydrated silica, baking soda, etc.

Earthpaste in Wintergreen - $4-$5
Love the fresh taste of Wintergreen (even though usually I don't like it!). Has a wet clay consistency and doesn't lather.

Steripod - My Review 
LOVE my steripod. Great for keeping bathroom bacteria and particles off the toothbrush, and awesome for travel.

Radius Toothbrush
Recycled handle toothbrush with a flat head of bristles - good for sensitive gums.


  1. I love Earthpaste! I've converted a few friends and family members to it

  2. Thanks for putting the links to the products! :)

  3. Great tips and products! I will totally check these out!!!!!!!
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    -Jenna <3

  4. Nice one dear, it's good to have a list of teeth whitening product in your list. You never know when you met a person with yellow teeth who wants your help.

    Rebecca Cleda
    Las Vegas Dental Implant

  5. Your teeth look really good! And seeing just how white they are, I think you'd be an effective advocate of good oral hygiene. I have read other methods to whiten teeth, and some of them include using fruits. I think that is awesome news. Whitening your teeth while eating, that is. Thank you for these tips. I'm sure lots of people will benefit from them.
    Reginald Cooper

  6. Nice blog! Thanks, for Sharing your good ideas related to oral hygiene products, really it is very helpful and I like it .

  7. These products will definitely help the people who want to keep their teeth white and strong. Sites like can provide helpful information about teeth whitening.

  8. Thank you for recommendations, Brianna! I saw your video, and seeing how beautiful and healthy your teeth and gums are, I could say that those products worked right for you. I hope your readers out there will get the same result once they start following your routine. Cheers!

    Clyde Miller @ Smile Care Shop