Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review: Best Bath Store's 'Intensive Under Eye Treatment'

So here goes for the first review!

I was first able to try this product back in September when I ordered my 5 free samples (plus $6.95 shipping) from The Best Bath Store. For those of you that don't know, the Best Bath Store is a company that makes facial and body products with all natural ingredients. The products have no preservatives and the ingredients on the products are ones I can actually recognize and not some chemical stuff!
The website's description of the eye treatment is:
"Brighten your best facial feature with precious natural minerals. Designed to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and skin discoloration, this intense treatment penetrates deep for short term results. With an intricate blend of ingredient such as Soy & Rice Peptides, Watermelon Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C and E, this intensive treatment will effectively fight all signs of aging."

My sample lasted me a good 3 months, which is a LONG time for a 0.035 oz sample! When I was close to running out of my sample, I ran to the website and purchased the full size product, which is 0.7 ounces. It is bit pricey, $34.50 for the full size, but I can tell it will last me a long time!

Now, on to why I love this product so much. I have stuggled with dark circles pretty much since I started middle school. I've tried every type of strength concealer to cover them up, but I just got tired of all the work and how dark they were. When I saw other youtubers mentioning ordering the 5 samples from The Best Bath Store, I visited the site and got some of my own.
After I started using this product, I noticed a dramatic difference in my circles in the short time of 4 days. I woke up one morning before school and BOOM, I didn't have to cover my circles anymore! They were incredibly lighter!
Now, while the product says that it helps to reduce wrinkles (aka fine lines), I haven't noticed a difference. But, however, I am young and do not have many fine lines.

Overall, I definitely recommend trying the sample of this product! Everyone's skin and body is different, so it make work differently for you, but I still suggest giving it a try! You get to try it basically for free as well as 4 other fantastic samples! I also recommend trying the Acne Facial Bar. How that has affected my face will have to be saved for another review...

You can find the Eye Treatment here:


I am in no way affiliated with The Best Bath Store. I got the sample for free, and purchased the full size myself. Everything said is my honest opinion and review of the product.

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