Saturday, May 4, 2013

All Year Rounders Tag!

A Tag started by the lovely NYCGeorgette and SincerelySaraiC!

George's Aloe Spray 
Rainwater Botanicals Intensive Repair Cream
Rainwater Botanicals Healing Salve
(Interview with Sara of Rainwater Botanicals)

Sobe Botanicals Oil Control Powder
All Natural Face Desert Sand Blush
ANF Peach Rose + Everyday Is A Good Day cream blush
ANF Wedding Day Glow

Silk Naturals 'St Tropez' Liquid Lipgloss
Pacifica Lip Tints - Coconut Nectar

ANF Rose Gold Shadow
Pumpkin and Poppy 'Divinely Happy' + 'My Precious' Cream Shadow
P&P Archer shadow
Darling Girl 'Snuggle' shadow
Silk Naturals 'Fire' shadow
Shiro Cosmetics 'Chimera'
Shiro 'Housewife'

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