Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Natural Concoction #1

DIY Natural Concoction #1

Recently I've been attempting to ultra-purify my already-natural routine. By purify I mean using the most  natural ingredients I can. For my face I'm currently using pure raw honey, for hair, a shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar mix (no conditioner). My skin is clearing up already with the honey! More news on that to come.

I was inspired by the DIY recipes by my friend Britanie on her blog. She uses pure ingredients and creates skin and body concoctions for herself! I decided to mix one up with some of my ingredients.

Intended Use: Facial Scrub!

2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp raw honey
1 drop lavender EO
1 opened-capsule lemongrass

Easy to make? - Yep, super easy to throw together!

Consistency - The consistency looked AMAZING. It reminded me of my favorite Planet Botanicals 
facial scrub but with the scrub chunks a little larger. I didn't use it right away like I should have, so I put it in the friend for an hour and the consistency wasn't as luscious as when I first made it because it got to cold.

Scent - It smelled SO good. Like a dessert. I think it was from the lavender and lemongrass but it could have been the lavender and brown sugar, or all 3!

How did it perform? - The scrub was HARSH. I ground the brown sugar a little bit but it was much, much too harsh to use as a facial scrub. It was also much more oily than I was expecting and left a layer of oil on my skin.

Would I make it again? Not this version at least. It was too oily for me and the brown sugar was much too harsh. If I reduced the amount of oil, I would definitely consider for a body scrub. It smelled SO good. I may also modify the mix and replace the brown sugar with clay to make a mask.

I can't wait to start making more concoctions and possibly ordering some herbs, oils, and supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs! I want to pick up some vanilla essential oil to mix with my lavender also!

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