Monday, August 15, 2011

Responses to Blissoma Giveaway Comments

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    • I've had acne for a couple years now. I've tried Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, and Clearasil (all start with C LOL. I should try products that don't start with C's) and so far none have worked. Every time I get out of the shower, I put moisturizer on because I feel my face dry. I try to put as little as I can and I end up getting a greasy face after. It really pisses me off. Then I end up breaking out
    • My acne isn't as bad as it used to, but I still get a bunch of bumps on my chin. If I could change one thing about my face, I'd make then go away!
    • ive had acne since i was 13 and now that im 15, its getting worse and worse. ive tried like tons of products and nothing seems to work. and my skin is left with scaring due to acne and it takes forever to fade.
    • I wish that I could change the acne acting on my face, it's not deep scaring but it's discoloration that just will not go away! Great video by the way, I subscribed.
    • I get so annoyed with the greasy feel when I touch my face in the morning and just the usual little red bumps.
    • ive had it ever since i was 13, im 16 now and my skin is worse then ever. i think i tried everything almost, i spent too much money and time and nothing helps. it took away my confidence and im desperate for anything that might make a difference!
    • I would suggest trying some natural products then, if you've tried a lot of chemical products that haven't helped. There are a lot of good oils for acne, like tea tree and lavender.
      I hate that I have acne and when I try to use cleansers to get rid of it it irritates my dry skin. it seems like no matter what I do it is not enough. I am beginning to wonder if maybe I have normal to dry skin too! I would love to try this cleanser to see if it works for me.

    ive had acne since i was 14, so i still have scaring and im 23 and would like to beable to finally have ance free skin and not have to worry so much about my skin.
  • If I could change anything about my skin it would be to make it less oily and that I could have clear skin for more than a day or two at a time!
  • What I would LOVE to CHANGE about my skin is how super duper oiley it gets,, it so annoying at school when I always go to the BR and have to blot my face wiith oil absorbers. Its even worse in the summer!! Also my skin is filling with many annoying blemishes and I want to be a actress and just performing is stressful sometimes,, which makes the ance worse well haha soo having lil tomatoes on my face isnt the best asset for an audtion!! :/
  • What I would like to change about my skin is the random acne. I have a combination of oily and dry skin and I don't know how to treat it. My face also itches and I wished that I didn't have an itchy face from dry and oily skin because I don't like touching my face when it's really dirty. I also have blemishes and my face feels half rough and half soft which I am not too fond of. :( I can't find anything to treat it with.
  • I get a lot of pimples and have a few scars. I also have oily skin. I wish i could change those things about my skin.
  • i dont get acne a lot, i have really dry skin. i mean reeeeealy dry, sometimes my skin starts peeling just because its dry and not from a sunburn or anything. the cleanser i have works fine for cleaning but a lot of the time it dries my skin out even more than normal. i always have to carry a moisturizer to make sure my skin is constantly moisturized. i think a moisturizing cleanser like this would really help.
  • i owuld like to change the scars and pimples {i also have on my forhead} i would just love to try something better i also have karaloses pielaros {spelled rong} lol and i think it might help :) great vid
  • What I wish I could change about my skin is all the acne scarring I have left over.. I don't like it. :/
  • What I don't like about my skin is acne scars. But I know they'll go away with time.
  • Hey Brianna! Love your videos. It sounds like my skin might be similar to what you were saying. I have mild acne problems and I have shine in my T-zone but sometimes I get dry patches on my cheeks so I might actually have dry skin myself. I wish I could change the texture of my skin. I have some acne and I have bumps, redness, acne scarring, and uneveness as well. I'd love to give this cleanser a try to see if it helps like it did for you. Keep up the great vids & thanks for the giveaway!
  • I wish I could completely get rid of all my acne. Sometimes I get most of it to go away, but then it comes back again and makes me really angry.
  • I would love to reduced the size of my pores especially right by my nose
  • I wish my skin wasn't so dry and sensitive. I think a cream cleanser would be really interesting to try.
  • What would I like to change? Well, my skin is super dry, so I have been juggling around with different products and I haven't found one yet that not only fixes that but also my acne :/. So, that's why I have been watching you videos a lot and seeing all of your natural products :)
  • Britanybanana1 1 day ago
  • What would I change about my skin? ACNE! I would love to reduce my dependency on full coverage foundations. Any foundation that covers my acne also covers my freckles. I love my freckles and would love to use a tinted moisturizers or just a bit of powder, but my acne prevents me from feeling comfortable in my own skin without the use of full coverage foundation. I have tried tons of products, but nothing works. I would defiantly change my acne.
  • Thank you for the review; I love your videos!! The one thing that irritates me the most is my cystic acne.. it is the most annoying part about my skin. For the most part, I have fairly good skin however, there are a few places on my chin that my cystic acne tends to gravitate to. I wish I could get them to go away faster, they can really hurt sometimes! P.s. I love the Olay cleansing brush. I didn't want to spend 200.00 on a clarisonic (for obvious reasons!) and I haven't regretted my choice!
  • Thanks for the review! :)
    The one thing I hate most about my skin is that it used to be REALLY clear - pimple free and hardly oily. Spring of last year, my skin went crazy and I had SO much acne. ever since then I haven't had clear skin at all. And when some pimples go away they leave scars. So now I'm stuck with semi-rough skin and lots of acne scars :/
  • I hate blackheads. Even though my skin is pretty dry, I can see lots of blackheads around my nose especially in summer.
  • Besides having oily skin, I have a lot of bumps on my chin/jaw line. Sometimes they turn into pimples but I'm not sure what to do to get rid of them.
  • I hate how my skin is sooo oily, and my red cheeks with , what i think are, huge pores =(
  • Once a month I get a huge period pimple and it leaves a very nasty scar after it finally goes away.
  • my skin is pretty dry and also burns and freckles easily
  • I have an issue with a little bit of redness.
  • My two biggest complaints are my red acne scars and my oil slick of a face. (Any tips?) I do get breakouts but they aren't as bad a couple months ago. Really would like to try this cleanser! [:
  • i would love for the oily shine i get at times and i have really big pores i cant seem to get rid of...
  • I hate my dry skin! so I would definitely like to change that along with pimples I always get around my nose/chin/forehead.
  • i wish i could change all the little bumps on my nose, and black heads because they seem to never go away no matter what i do. also i wish i could get rid of my scars on my face, two little red ones. i hate them. this sounds like a good cleanser i def. would purchase this!
  • i would change that it wont be suuuuuuuuuuppper oily and that my acne and pimples r so little but their is so many all over my face
  • my sunspots! The reason I'm going to make my kids wear sunscreen every single day.
  • I have been dying to try this cleanser but it's just so expensive. My skin isn't horrible but it has its rough patches like during the school year. I also have hyper pigmentation from past breakouts and rough and uneven skin tone. I just want to find something natural that works. It would be great just to try it out without having to spend so much just to see if it works.

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